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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Details of Trump and Kim meeting

Por dbloggers

Donald Trump could guarantee his presidential reelection if he gets the political victory he wants over North Korea. The coming May, the president will mark a milestone in the bilateral relations between Washington and Pyongyang, if he can reunite with his counterpart, the North Korean leader Kim Jon-Un. Although he has many detractors, the US president will be the first to try to sit down at the dialogue table with the North Koreans.

According to the head of state, the mistake of the previous administrations was precisely in avoiding conversations with the North Korean regime. It would have been much easier if it had been done five, ten or twenty years ago, he sentenced.

Several cable dispatches indicate that the director of National Security of South Korea, Chung Eui-yong, commented that the North American ruler agreed to hold the meeting for next May, at the latest on June. The venue is still to be decided.

So far both countries have been in direct communication to specify the terms of the meeting and fine-tune the details so this can happen successfully. Members of the White House cabinet have told the press that the meeting will be held on the basis of mutual respect, something difficult to consider, especially when both leaders have publicly offended each other, Donald Trump even nicknamed Kim Jon-un "Rocket man" before the UN. But in politics and diplomacy you never know the cards that are shuffled under the table.

Chung Eui-yong has been commissioned by South Korea to meet the North Korean hierarchs. The South Korean officilas has spoken with Trump prior to these meetings and, as has been revealed, the US president has given details of what aspects of the talks Washington will debate. Although the terms of North Korea are not known, what is certain is that Kim is willing to discuss denuclearization. However, the leader may, among other things, ask Washington to stop troops near his border and military exercises. If this happens, North Korea could suspend the nuclear tests.

The attempt to establish talks between both nations was made effective on March 8 after an invitation from the North Korean president to the US head of state. Previously, during the Olympic Games of PyeongChang 2018, South Korea and its North similar paved the road towards the restoration of relations between both countries. The great winter sports event was the perfect occasion where both countries paraded under the same flag and even compete with a unified team of ice hockey. Also top North Korean officials, including a sister of Jon-un, attended a concert with members of the South Korean cabinet. After those days, the South Korean Ministry for reunification has had an arduous job and now, more than ever, there are great possibilities for achieving an understanding. During the winter Olympics there was a good chance that Mike Pence would meet with North Korean officials.

The stress on the Korean Peninsula rose to its higher point since North Korea launched several nuclear weapons as part of their nuclear program. They increase the weapons tests since November, when shot off its largest intercontinental ballistic missile. The meeting between Pence and North Korea delegation could have been seen as a sign of Pyongyang and Washington thaw on the standing position between them after months of tension and exchanges of insults between U.S. President Donald Trump and Kim.

Analyzing data and policies of both parts we see the position of North Korea of continuing the schedule of their nuclear weapons as a way of defense and self-protection against enemies, meaning Japan, South Korea and mainly US. On the other hand, the White House promotes military exercises and training close to North Korea's coast. Also ships, submarines and bombers plans round the sea of Korea’s peninsula.

The United States Treasury Department has established numerous sanctions against North Korea. It would be necessary to see with the negotiations these restrictions that affect the North Korea people would be lifted. The restrictions cause poverty and lacking of many basic products North Koreans use, because their government prioritizes the Nuclear Program over human rights.