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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Donald Trump and Mueller, round two

Por dbloggers

Trump wants to remove from his suit an annoying bug. That bug for him is Robert Mueller, Special Counsel ordered to investigate Trump´s campaign implications with Russians collude of 2016 election campaign. However every day is a new victory step for Mueller, despite Trump steps up are a defeat. The White house is on fire and the president doesn´t know how to finish it. The head of State is good for business but president suit is too long for him. He can´t manage foreign affairs and until now his has had an erratic policy, besides domestic affairs and political scandal come over him over again.

The strain between him and Special Counsel is a battle where every politician betting to Robert Mueller. Analyzers and journalist too, Donald turns the game if he keeps an ace. However, his advisors and Republicans warning him caution and do not move against Mueller

But once again, the Chief Commander doesn´t know how to manage the business and how to revert the situation that put him in an unprotected position. This time he fired Andrew McCabe, deputy director of the FBI. Atty. Indeed publicly cheered his removal.

McCabe was called too Mueller office as a significant witness in underway investigation of the Special Counsel. True or not media reports that Andrew has a lot of memos and notes about Trump and James Comey met with him. It is well known that Mueller's investigators are chasing all kind of evidence that connects Trump´s team campaign and Russians. And also they are searching reasons of why the president fired ex- FBI director James Comey. Donald Trump with this move is proving that he actually is obstructing the justice, a Robert Mueller suspicion, so far from keep away Special Counsel over him he approached, even more, I would say an inch closer from him.

MacCabe fired was rushed decisions that stir up criteria from both sides: Presidents followers and critics. If this year sexual harassment has been a constant headline, Russia collusion is a soap opera without end. I imagine that the president has a nightmare with Putin and Mueller. Every single month he has to face new evidence and accusations. No doubt that Russia collusion is a dark cloud over his presidential seat.

But there is the concern. According to Donald Trump, MacCabe never took a single note in front of him. The president actually said to media that it could be a lie of Andrew because maybe he wrote later the notes. Indeed he twitted: "Can we call them Fake Memos? But if that is true, why to fire out MacCabe?

In addition to the issue, Trump accused Comey of fake statement to congressional investigators and Robert Mueller investigation is polluted by political and personal partisanship. By one hand Trump openly declares the war against Mueller. Some press reports said it is a prelude to kick out the special counsel's investigation and dismiss the investigation. But the blondy guy has to be careful a wrong move could be the end of his presidency.

However, a South Carolina Republican, Rep. Trey Gowdy, considers "brilliant and courageous example" to fired McCabe and also he believes that it will be the first step to end Russia Collusion investigation."

None knows the end of these soap-opera of Russia collusion, but the truth is that it will be an interesting End of season. Let´s wait and see.