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Friday, April 20, 2018

Fraternal Hug between Bezos and Best Buy

Por qubano22005

Jeff Bezos does not care about Donald Trump’s threats; he does not even fear the accusation of monopoly that the president of the United States threatened to impose him. Now Amazon, the well-known on-line sales company is expanding to finally exercise its global domain and all through an app: International Shopping, that plans to give access to its services to more than 45 million products. The technological titan has partnered up with one of the "hard" of electronics, Best Buy, to offer through their TVs network with Internet connection Fire TV. It is expected that through the new service and the app available to access to it they will reach more locations and users.

The new Amazon service will be available in the network of networks and through applications that will have mobile version. In accordance with the agreements with the Postal Service of the United States that Donald has criticized, the products will be transported to different parts of the world from the Northern nation, fact that undoubtedly will report large dividends to the US mail, which according to Trump is Amazon beggar.

"International Shooping" will be available in five languages and purchases can be made in 25 different currencies. You can also choose shipping speed options and the customer, in addition to the cost of the product, can observe shipping and import tariffs, which can be high. The spokesmen of the technological giant have said that they are negotiating with the Customs Services of different countries the tariffs for these services. Amazon headquarters are in the United States and reaches mainly users in North America, Western Europe, parts of Asia and Australia.

As announced by the company "International Shopping" will be available this summer.

Regarding Best Buy's Fire TVs, these will be available to customers in the United States and Canada. They also announced that Best Buy will offer them under the brands Insignia and Toshiba, the main manufacturers of these electronic devices. According to Wikipedia, Amazon’s Fire TV is a digital media player and its microconsole remote developed by Amazon. The first-generation Fire TV device features 2 GB of RAM, MIMO dual-band Wi-Fi, and a Bluetooth remote control with a microphone for voice search. It supported 1080p streaming and Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 surround sound. Amazon Fire TV 2nd Generation is supported with 4K UHD. Bezos’ new strategy seeks to join forces with Best Buy, one of its main competitors in the electronic sales market.

Jeff announced that the new televisions provide streaming service. Users can choose from the Netflix, Prime Video, HBO, PlayStation Vue, Hulu and many more. The Fire TV Edition will include a voice remote control with Alexa, so it will be easy to start applications, search for TV programs, play music, and control smart devices at home.

Amazon shares have risen discreetly after having a relapse due to the attacks of Trump against Jeff Bezos, with a "scare" repercussion in the stock market that was reflected in the fall of their shares.