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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

From Hollywood to London Royalty

Por freewinds12345

“I married a man who wanted to fight for his dreams and who would give his life to get it," says Rachel Zane, while Mike Ross listens to her. Megan Markle’s lines in the popular North American series Suit could become prophetic when Meghan contracts nuptials with Prince Henry of England. The couple will get married on May 19 at Windsor Castle. Markle, who in addition forced the royal family to be accepted, has the idea of redefining the British monarchy and becoming an activist couple. Megan will marry Henry the Fifth in the line of succession to the throne.

Meghan is not very different from the character she plays in the series of lawyers in which she is one of the co-stars. Like his fictional role, she is an activist and fights for the causes of the weakest. In her daily life Meghan, 36, is an ambitious, mature and focused person. She has a solid job as an actress and is a blogger activist and spokesperson for the UN. As in Suit, where his friends Donna or Louis are looking for her advice, Markle is reflective and eloquent, according to his personal biographer.

For many followers of the British crown Meghan's energy could lead to transforming the public image of the kingdom, but above all, to give new impulses and fresh ideas although many conservatives see Markle as a danger. It is well known that the royal family tries to distance itself a little from the internal and external politics of the British kingdom. Meghan when she assumes her new responsibilities should contain a bit her activism, although the artist has reiterated on several occasions that she always dreamed of being like Diana.

However, Rachel, I mean Megan, has nothing to lose. The actress, although is not one of the most acclaimed in Hollywood, has a weighty role in a series that has been renewed. In addition, she does modeling so she does not lack work. This woman does not conceive the life of a princess locked in a castle on tight breathless dresses. Quite the opposite, she wears jeans and simple clothes to be in acts of charity, activism, but above all, to join charity campaigns and public good.

The unthinkable happened. Henry's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, has accepted the marriage, perhaps because the monarch sees in the "mature" Yankee actress the possibility of transforming her grandson, a former heavy drinker of bars and clubs in the United Kingdom. Even Henry has repeatedly mentioned that the American actress could help him become the man he always wanted to be.

The future royal couple has broken all established molds. To start, Meghan Markle met the prince on a blind date, she from the United States, and he, the heir of the most powerful monarchy of mankind in modern times.

On the other hand, the popular Suit actress is divorced and of course, has no nobility, unless acquired by playing a character in a series or movie. The fact that Henry’s girlfriend was a commoner shocked everyone after the prince announced the courtship.

However, the actress has its detractors. Even former friends of her fear that Henry suffers the same things as Markle’s previous husband when she didn’t know how to deal with her responsibilities. Now it’s different, life as a princess has more responsibilities and social commitments and of course, it is more conservative. In Los Angeles, Meghan had more freedom.

Former friend Ninaki Priddy, who served as maid of honor at Markle's wedding to Engelson, told the Daily Mail that Markle's career ultimately led to the demise of that union, saying “it was such a shock when she told me they were getting divorced”. Something that surprised many close friends is that Markle lived in Canada while his partner was in Los Angeles.

The monarchy has said, like the British media, that Henry's brother, Prince William - second in line of succession - and his wife Catherine will be the face of the Crown in the United Kingdom. Henry and Meghan will spend more time representing the monarchy in the Commonwealth, especially in Africa.