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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Future legislator plans to dismantle ICE

Por dbloggers

Apparently the animal far rebellion is happening. The anti-immigration policy is touching the sensitive fibers of several legislators and candidates with Hispanic roots, due to the ruthless action that the Immigration Customs Enforcement is having against migrants, especially those of Latin American origin.

Randy Bryce, a metallurgical worker with Mexican roots, in his campaign for lawmaker by Wisconsin has publicly expressed that he will fight for the place and to abolish the ICE. According to the candidate, ICE only injects fear to people and is useless. Bryce is currently working hard to raise funds for his election and to continue, above all, gaining followers.

Randy Bryce has the aspiration to replace Paul Ryan, current president of the House who has announced his retirement after 20 years of work at the Capitol. The veteran legislator has been one of the fierce opponents of a legislation that alleviates the situation of young undocumented immigrants who live in US territory today. On the other hand, the candidate for a seat in the legislature mentions that the Congress should eliminate the ICE due to the abuses and errors reported by such agency that, according to Bryce, harms too many innocent people.

He has also strutted about the possibilities of his victory and why Paul Ryan's is retiring. According to the metalworker, Ryan does not want to face him in the elections. He also argued that the wide support he has would make Paul really fight for the first time for the job. However, in addition to his two decades of service, in 2016 Ryan, who is president of the Chamber, won by a margin of 35 points, although the Democrats trust that the position of Paul in the bench will be won by his party.

The confidence of the Democrats came after a poll conducted in which among the Republican candidates Samantha Kerkman and Mark Neumann, Randy leads the polls on voter preferences. In addition to this, he has raised almost five million dollars.

Ryan Bryce's track record goes back to his time as leader of the metallurgical union. His campaign draws on the dramatic nuances of his personal life as being an Army veteran, a single father and a cancer survivor. The image of Bryce is also very popular, even his nickname has stuck among the voters who see "Iron Stache" in the images with a helmet and worker equipment.

It is not a coincidence that Bryce defends the abolition of Immigration Customs Services. Despite being born in Milwaukee, he is the son of a Mexican with a Polish. The funny thing is that “Iron Stache” names himself as a Latino candidate, despite not speaking Spanish and never having gone to Mexico. But as he himself promulgates, although his relationship with his father is not one of the best, he has never renounced his roots. The surname Bryce was acquired by his stepfather, of English origin.

Among the campaign promises of “Iron Stache” is to support immigration reform, the DACA and a minimum wage of $ 15 per hour. If Bryce continues his political career he could become one of the largest activists in Wisconsin. So far, his position has given him the possibility to obtain the support of Voces de la Frontera or Latino Victory Fund, which supports progressive Latino candidates. Ryan seems to have come out of some comic, not only because of his unusual image but also because this super hero says he will fight to defend the workers in a Congress full of millionaires, and even when he is aware that things are hard outside of Washington. In a country where dollars and multinationals dominate the political fabric, it is difficult for a single swallow to make a summer.