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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Is my dad in heaven if he was an atheist?

Por Jade

During a religious event held in a suburb of Rome, Pope Francis consoled a boy whose heart was broken by the recent death of his father, reports the newspaper Corriere della Sera. In the event, the Pope answered the questions of the faithful and it was the turn of Emanuele, who approached the microphone, but after struggling to speak, he put his hands to his face and burst into tears.

Before this moving situation, Francisco encouraged the child to come to him and say the question in his ear. The pontiff embraced the child and reassured him. The minor spoke with the pope for almost two minutes. "Maybe we could all cry like Emanuele, when we have a pain like he has in his heart," Francisco later said. "He was crying for his father, he had the courage to do it in front of us, because in his heart there is love from his father," he continued, indicating that he asked the child's permission to reveal his concern.

Francisco explained that Emanuele had told him that his father was a good man but he died recently, and that although he was an atheist, he had baptized his four children. The question he had asked the leader of the Catholic Church was whether his father was in heaven. "How nice it is for a son to say that his father was good, a nice testimony of that man so that his children can tell him that he was a good man ... If that man has been able to have children like that, it is true that he was a great man," commented the Pope.

Emanuele's father "did not have the gift of faith, he was not a believer but he had his children baptized, he had a good heart," the pontiff added, clarifying that "whoever says who goes to heaven is God." Then he asked those present: "God abandons his children when they are good?” To which those present responded "No". "Emanuele, this is the answer, God surely was proud of your dad, because it is easier to baptize the children as a believer, than as a non-believer, and surely this pleased God a lot, talk to your father, pray for your dad. Thank you, Emanuel, for your courage ", concluded Francisco.