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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Julio Iglesias, escaping justice or paternity?

Por Feco

The singer asks that the notifications of the paternity suit be sent to the Dominican Republic and not to his house in Malaga, which lengthens and makes the process more expensive. On the other hand, if no one collects the demand, the lawyer will ask the judge that the reception be replaced by the publication of edicts in the courts and media.

Julio Iglesias, the singer in Spanish who has sold more albums, is also proving to be one of the most elusive in the face of justice, according to lawyer Fernando Osuna, who represents his alleged son Javier Sánchez, in the paternity procedure that instructs a court from Valencia. Iglesias has asked that the communications of the process be sent to the Dominican Republic and his employees leave the prosecutors of their alleged son waiting for hours at the door of his farm in Malaga. Son of the Portuguese exdancer Edit Santos, with whom the singer would have maintained a relationship in 1975, Sánchez filed the claim for paternity last September. Seven months later, Iglesias not only has not answered the demand, but has not picked it up. Have the singer considered he succeeded in the progeny quota?

The first activity of the musician before the judicial body of Valencia, which came through a solicitor and a lawyer from Castellón, has consisted in asking that the notifications be sent to Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic, where he has a sumptuous home, according to a publication by El País. The lawyer of Sanchez has opposed the claim. "It would mean a delay and unnecessary expenses, and I do not know how well how the Dominican justice system works." The law allows that if you have a domicile in Spain, where you also have employees, you can be notified in it, "he says. The judge, for the time being, has rejected the petition for a formal question, since the legal representatives of Iglesias have not presented the power that accredits them as such.

The great estate of Ojén, Málaga, acquired by the singer in the seventies, has been the scene of what Osuna considers an example of lack of fair play. Although the courts make the communications themselves, the Civil Procedure Law allows the plaintiffs to deliver the writing directly to the other party. To speed up the procedure - the court of Ojén, a municipality of 3,500 inhabitants, only works a couple of days a week, on March 1 and 15 the prosecutors of the alleged son of Iglesias came to the house to complete the process.

But in both cases the employees made them wait in vain for up to eight hours. "They said that the person who could sign the receipt of the lawsuit was not there, that he would arrive later, and in the end, he did not appear," laments Osuna. How do women in love with the famous Spanish singer think of him after this reaction? For how long can Iglesias scape law?