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Friday, April 6, 2018

Mr. Stevens alone against the power

Por dbloggers

"The Second Amendment of our Constitution is an irreproachable right of all Americans", according to the dinosaurs of the National Rifle Association, who in order to maintain the number of sales and continue to obtain high benefits find recourse in this argument. "Mrs. Sloane, alone against the power" is a movie where it’s clear example of the debate and the controversy that exists in the United States on the right to fire guns’ possession. Few newspaper articles are so enlightening. The film is a denunciation of North American political system, corrupt to the marrow that lacerate severy sector of society.

Recently, the retired judge of the Supreme Court of the United States, John Paul Stevens, has asked for the Second Amendment’s repeal in order to favor an arms’ control law. Many US conservatives and patriots will think the foolish proposal is madness. However, his proposal is not entirely outlandish. Stevens’ approach considers that, if such repeal were to be carried out, it would be easier to enact laws that favor the control and restriction of fire guns. Another unquestionable fact is that the Second Amendment was created at a time when the average life expectancy did not exceed the 40 years old and were turbulent times where owning a gun provided the necessary protection to the citizens of the rising nation: the United States of America.

Although we are certainly living different times where technologies create the illusion of modernity and futurism, human beings remain the same with primary principles, including self-defense and power pretensions. Donald Trump is the clearest example of a primitive man. From his throne of Twitter Trump said the Second Amendment will never be repealed and urged the Republicans to push as much as possible for not losing in the Supreme Court. The president fears that the Democrats, among whom there are many liberal thinking, will scrutinize the validity of the Second Amendment, and even though it may not be repealed, the daily shooting occurrence will continue to sensitize citizens and, therefore, the future of the Second Amendment.

Regarding the Stevens’ article published by the New York Times on the need to repeal the amendment, the president replied: “It will never be repealed!”. Donald Trump is not interested in the fact that in the United States 15,590 people were killed by firearms in 2017, and an average of 1,800 so far this year; he only cares about the millions that every year and during the presidential elections, the lobby of the National Rifle Association "donates" to the coreligionists of the Republican party;

But could the Second Amendment be repealed? Why the president of the United States urges to maintain the power in the Supreme Court? According to the US legislative system, eliminating a constitutional amendment would require the approval of two-thirds of each legislative chamber and the ratification of three-quarters of the states.

Despite the political parties do not "control" the Supreme Court as it happens with Congress, its members are proposed by the head of state and it’s the Senate that gets them approved. If Republicans get the vacancy in the Supreme Court it would be easier for Donald Trump to take certain determinations and implement his legislative dictatorship. He would neither have oppositions for dismantling the programs and plans made by his predecessor but mainly, the current issue on gun control and restrictions on their possession would not be changed and the NRA members would sleep peacefully during the coming years.

So far, four of the nine judges on activity of the considered more extreme right wing were nominated by Republican presidents while the other four of the Liberal wing were selected by Democratic presidents. The Republican Party has a large majority in the Senate that is a 51-49 ratio. It’s not the first timeStevens' proposal is submitted to the legislative debate. In 2008, the Supreme Court determined the 2nd Amendment guaranteed the individual right to possess weapons for self-defense.