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Saturday, April 21, 2018

National Guard Troops are in the Mexican Border

Por qubano22005

A caravan of about 1,500 people walked the border to demonstrate their discontent with President Donald Trump, the administration of the United States of America that has despised the most and shown its contempt to the Latin American peoples.

The organized migrant caravan of people without borders, called Viacrucis Migrante 2018, had its repercussion in the offices of the White House in Washington. Hours later, the president of the United States signed a memorandum to militarize the area of ​​the border between his country and the neighbor near the South: Mexico, a measure that, as expected, had immediate responses from the Aztec nation’s president.

The border conflict between Mexico and the United States sets back to the 19th century when Americans began to usurp Mexican lands. Of course, those that had more natural resources and, with that extraordinary vision of American politicians, would bring economic benefits for the solidification of the still nascent nation. During the beginning of the Century Of Light, the United States was not and economic or political power.

Therefore, converting the thirteen small states of the East into a strong country to displace the British Empire was a pretense of the founding fathers and the coming administrations. Little by little, Americans gained in military might and snatched land from their nearby neighbor. The internecine wars of the Mexican caudillos and the weakened nation resulting from their war of independence were the key to annex Arizona, Texas, and California to the Union.

The hatred and misgivings on the part of the Aztecs provoked constant confrontations with the new owners of those lands in which their ancestors and several of them grew up. Now the "whites" were doing and undoing inside and outside the border. However, the ignominy was borne by the Mexicans who not only had to get rid of their lands but also had to resist the provocations of the Americans for years.

Now Donald Trump, an openly racist and egomaniac leader revives the flame of the dispute between Mexico and the United States. Its most recent provocation has been the sending of 400 National Guard soldiers to the border, supposedly to fight drug trafficking and illegal immigration. In the nineteenth century the pretext was fugitive slaves who went to Mexico and the transfer of Asians to their country. Curiously, after almost two centuries, the pretexts of domination and interference remain the same. There is no doubt that the United States is true to its traditions.

The State Department and the president himself have already announced it. The border will be militarized not only by sending troops, but also with modern military equipment, an intimidation to which Mexican senators and politicians have responded valiantly. To begin with, they will not be willing to cooperate with their counterparts in any of the areas of interest to the United States: antiterrorism, drug trafficking and illegal immigration. On the other hand, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto expressed his dissatisfaction with the measure and demanded a halt to aggressive rhetoric.

Trump, unintentionally, has revived the patriotism of Mexicans, a country that for years has paid more attention to its internal problems and to the war against the cartels and corruption than to the differences with its neighbor.

However, Trump's new measure has reminded Mexicans the concept of homeland, and now the candidates for the presidency are grabbing a nationalist and anti-gringo (Mexican term to referring about US citizen) rhetoric. Surely the Mexican discontent will be debated not only in the coming Summit of the Americas, but also in the renegotiation of NAFTA, a blow that Trump's advisors have unlikely calculated. So far Arizona will send about 150 members of the State Guard. Texas will do the same with 250 soldiers, Lt. Col. Travis Walters announced. This is the tip of the iceberg.

Washington plans the deployment of between 2,000 and 4,000 National Guard troops pretending to protect the wall they will build. Other implications of the use of force by the White House have not been taken into account, like the humanitarian one. It is well known that the border patrol has been accused of mistreating of captured migrants. They have also violated human rights indiscriminately denying vital needs such as water to the "hopeful" ones. With the presence of military forces it’s completely uncertainty to say if this situation could worsen.

On the other hand, some states with a strong Mexican presence could continue to protect migrants, in a kind of silent rebellion. In accordance with the federal law Title 32 of the United States Code, entitled "National Guard", New Mexico has not manifested its intensions on the sending of troops; California either. Meanwhile, the governor of Nevada, Republican Brian Sandoval, opposed the plan. His spokesperson, Mary-Sarah Kinner, said in an email that Sandoval does not believe the mission would be "an appropriate use" of the Nevada Guard. While the governor of Oregon, Kate Brown, declared through social networks that she could reject Trump's request. Both States are protected by the law not to be forced to send troops.

Despite this, other governors have given their approval to the president. The governor of North Dakota, Doug Burgum, will contribute if asked. "We will answer to the call," Burgum told reporters.

Defense Secretary James Mattis has also taken the necessary precautions and approved a maximum of 4,000 National Guard troops with a Pentagon budget until the end of September. Statute known as Title 10 of the United States Code, entitled "Armed Forces", states the National Guard personnel to pass under the control of the president and receive federal pay and benefits.

Ironically, Trump continues begging money from NATO members and protesting foe the little "contribution" to the Pentagon. Will Trump think of the common good of Pentagon members? I do not think so. Remember, America First!

The idea of the president of the United States is to ensure the construction of the border wall. However, the real intention is to reduce the number of emigrants to the United States. Donald Trump believes that the misgovernment continues on the border and the National Guard must stop it.

According to a report from the Border Patrol, since Trump’s measures and the control increase at the border, the number of apprehended people rises to 50,000. And although the US head of state boasts of these numbers, they are still far below the achievements of Bush and Obama who also sent the Guard. George W. Bush sent some 6,000 in 2006, while Obama sent 1,200 members of the National Guard in 2010.