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Sunday, April 29, 2018

No more children's beauty and modeling contests

Por Nina

Faced with the increase in violence against children and adolescents, the authorities of the city of La Paz (Bolivia) approved a law that prohibits beauty contests and modeling of minors where sexual images are used. The Municipal Council approved the Prevention and Protection of Sexual Integrity of Girls and Boys and Adolescents Act unanimously and with it validated the ban on fashion shows and beauty contests for minors in La Paz.

The councilor of Sovereignty and Freedom, Pedro Susz, who chairs the deliberative body, explained in a press conference that the novel norm is intended to prevent the increase of violence against minors. According to the mayor, the causes that motivate this type of crime are the sexualization and premature erotization of girls, boys and adolescents that is generated by forcing them to adopt adult attitudes with makeup, hairstyles and clothing. "This situation of emotional psychological violence occurs in beauty contests, fashion shows and, in some cases, in folkloric entrances and that's why this law has determined to prohibit beauty contests for minors; it also prohibits the holding of model or fashion shows in which children participate," he said.

Under this argument, the dissemination of advertising and record material (disks) is also prohibited, as well as the exhibition of printed material with images of minors with the same ratings in sales positions, including those that sell magazines and newspapers. While the folkloric manifestations of all kinds in which the participation of minors is foreseen will be inspected by the Mayor of La Paz as a previous procedure for the delivery of the authorization. One of them is the children's Corsican Carnival and the councilor said that "they will take all precautions." According to the data provided by the Children's Ombudsman and the Ombudsman, cited by Susz, 83% of the children have been subject to violence on more than two occasions and 23% of the girls were victims of sexual assault in their environment.

But not only there are prohibitions in the norm, said the councilman and pointed out that there are provisions that order municipal public servants, not only the ombudsmen, who are trained to detect these cases. In addition, the implementation of campaigns to "train" parents and those who encourage children's parties to avoid the use of gestures, games, songs and other activities that lead to early erotization is fixed. The sanctions, which are not yet defined, will be included in the regulations, it is foreseen, will be ready in 30 working days after the promulgation of the regulations that are the responsibility of the mayor Luis Revilla.