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Monday, April 30, 2018

Racial discrimination in schools continues to rise up

Por freewinds12345

Charlize Theron has said it recently, she will leave the United States if racism continues to persevere and flourish in the North American nation. The 42-year-old actress, who adopted two children, has recently declared her position to leave America due to this segregation by skin color. The winner of the Oscar has given the knock and it has not been for pleasure.

Again, the media reports on the increase of this trend. A recently released federal report made it clear that black students are more suspended from schools than whites. Even to add more salt to the wound, they are more reported to the police than whites.

A report from the US Department of Education recently warned about the phenomenon that is happening in schools in that country.

The public debate has already spread like wildfire for the diverse instances of the North American society, mainly between the organizations that protect civil rights. To say of them, we must insist on federal protective laws that eliminate this disparity. In contrast to this, the head of the education portfolio Betsy DeVos plans to dismantle those restrictions signed by Obama to balance existing inequalities.

In addition, DeVos, far from seeking a solution to the conflict, considers that the measures should be weaker. This could further accentuate racism within the education system of the United States of America and schools would become more insecure. The attitude of DEvos could be permissive for violent acts between white and black students. More with the growth of the white supremacist groups that are emerging, which President Donald Trump supports with the mere silence he keeps about it.

To get an idea, studies by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) have revealed that the number of hate groups in the United States increased by 4% between 2017 and 2016 -from 917 to 954 in that period of time. Also, Charlottesvile (Virginia) was the scene in 2017 of the death of a young Heather Heyer, crashed by James Alex Fields after a demonstration against racism and white supremacists. At that time, President Donald Trump's response was cold and timorous. The statements of Steve Bannon, then presidential adviser, were the reason for criticism, which led to his resignation from the cabinet.

Data provided in the report from the Ministry of Education indicate that black boys represented 8% of students enrolled in 2015-2016, but accounted for 25% of suspensions and 23% of expulsions. For their part, black girls made up 8% of all students but accounted for 14% of suspensions and 10% of expulsions. In opposition to these data, the targets represented 25% of the entire student body and 24% of the suspended ones. White girls represented 24% of all students and 8% of those suspended. Although it is sad and painful that a nation should encourage laws to protect its students due to racism and differential treatment for the difference in skin color.

The notes of the Education Department are also revealing in terms of the number of students reported to the police Black students represented 15% of the students enrolled but 31% were referred to the police or arrested. While white students who are 49% of the student's body were denounced only 36%. The president of the Commission on Civil Rights said after the report that the data should alarm everyone. For some education experts, Obama's regulations have sometimes not been taken to the letter, which causes riots. Others claim that despite the figures presented, it should be investigated in depth about the real causes that are causing schools to become centers of racial differences. They also argue that such events have to do with poor education and schools.

Charlize Theron, who adopted two South African children, saw discriminatory regimes up close as her birthplace that for years implanted Apartheid, where the white minority oppressed the great black majority. Perhaps Charlize fears that in the time of Donald Trump something similar will happen and that his children will have to suffer it. "Many times I look at my children and tell them: if this continues, I will have to (leave the United States), said the actress who surely will not be the only mother to be worried about the growing racist wave.