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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Robert Mueller, fierceless as ever

Por qubano22005

Robert Mueller does not believe in tears, or in President or any kind of intimidation. He continues with his investigation and will not stop for anything, or anyone. On this occasion, some speculate that he dealt a new blow to Donald Trump when federal forces broke up at the offices of his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen. The feds seized documents, including several related to adult actress Stormy Daniels, who said she had sexual relations with the president more than a decade ago and with whom a silent agreement was established. As expected, Trump has got enraged with Robert Mueller and twitted the investigation was "an attack to the nation".

In addition, the president described as a disgrace the entry by force of the FBI. It is not the first time that the president says Special Counsel Robert Mueller is abusive and tries to disqualify his investigative process to the eyes of the American public opinion. Such an operation could bring new legal problems for the president of the United States if there is any useful information for future interrogations. Besides to the investigation on the possible Russian collusion in the elections, the incident could also reveal data referred to the case Stephanie Clifford (Stormy Daniels) that could make the presidential boat water.

Another of the mysteries that could be revealed is the one related to the multiple legal skirmishes of Trump to obstruct justice and investigation. Recall that several members of his team have mysteriously requested their resignation, and there’s also the spine of James Comey that remains stuck on the FBI; is well known, since the J. Edgar Hoover’s years that Feds do not abandon their own. The new action of Mueller may checkmate Trump who has managed to defend himself very well; however, his protective shield, Michael Cohen, now is the one who should have a good defense to get away unharmed from the new onslaught of the Special Counsel.

The search was carried out by the federal prosecutor's office in New York, in which according to Stephen Ryan, Cohen's lawyer, the use of a search warrant was completely inappropriate and unnecessary. He also described as negative the seizure of confidential communications between the lawyer and his clients. Ryan said the Manhattan federal prosecutor's office was in charge of the operation based, at least in part, on a Mueller’s recommendation.

So far no one from Robert Mueller's office has given information about it, but neither has the White House spokeswoman, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, or the Justice Department. However, legal experts believe that the requisition is not related to the investigation carried out by Robert Mueller on the Russian interference in the elections. Several lawyers explain that for this to happen, Mueller would be obliged to consult with the undersecretary of Justice Rod Rosenstein, if they discovered evidence related to the case that did not fit. Rosenstein would also determine whether to allow Mueller to proceed or assign the matter to another federal prosecutor's office or another department of the Department of Justice.