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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Russia Foreign Affairs ministry mocked about Donald Trump

Por freewinds12345

The United States and Russia act like a very bad marriage or they definitely hate each other even though President Donald Trump is an admirer of his counterpart. This time Washington, in support of the United Kingdom for the alleged involvement of the Kremlin in the poisoning of the double agent Serguei Skripal, who was hospitalized on March 4 after being exposed to a chemical agent, decided the expulsion of 60 officials "alleged spies" of the Russian consulate in his country. The measure received a quick answer from the Russians who asked their followers on the Twitter platform about which American consulates they would like to close: St. Petersburg, Vladivostok or Yekaterinburg?

Trump's decided to expel Russian diplomats from their country under false accusations. The Kremlin maintains that all is part of a conspiracy of Europe and the United States to stop the economic and political push that Russia is reaching. In fact, one of the theories declared by Russian diplomats and politicians is that the presumed collusion of their country in the presidential elections is part of a farce where President Donald Trump is the main scapegoat. The truth is that since the conflict in Ukraine and the implications of Moscow in Georgia, the West has intensified the policy and slander against the Russian Federation.

To the defamatory campaign adds the alleged use of cyber-attacks as well as the use of spies in the world's thriving economies such as the United States and the United Kingdom. The funny thing is that Russia has not "attacked" its Chinese peers, who are also a thriving economy. After all it looks like the Russian theory may not be entirely wrong. We can quote the historical quarrels that go from the invasion of Napoleon to the ferocious Hitler attack in Russia. The Russians, besides being a powerful ally of China and the People's Republic of Korea, have other "friends" in the courtyard of the United States such as Cuba and Venezuela, something that undoubtedly deprives the politicians of Washington and London of their sleep.

Among the arguments offered by President Donald Trump is the proximity of such consulates facilities to a base of submarines, something that is not new, in fact, the question would be: Why did not they do it before? The reality is that although there is still no conclusive evidence of Russia's participation or involvement in the poisoning of the double agent, several nations have supported Washington's decision, including some executing the same measure of expelling the Russian diplomats like the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Finland, Lithuania and Canada.

It is not the first time that the White House has created a pretext to expel diplomats and initiate an escalation of defamation against their enemies. Recall in 2016 they did it with Cuba and the alleged sonic attacks where, perhaps the Cubans used Russian technology, as reported by cable dispatches at that time. On this occasion, in addition to the proximity to the sea, the "compilation" of files on aggressive intelligence of the diplomats who, according to the White House, are spies, is added.

Moscow has tried to take this new political attack by the United States as a joke. However, so far its Twitter survey reveals that the representation in St. Petersburg was the most voted one, with 47%, followed by Yekaterinburg with 35% and Vladivostok with 18%. Russia has repeatedly humiliated the United States using humorous but sharp and sarcastic rhetoric on social networks.

According to reports from CNN, months ago Russian diplomacy wrote in one of its Twitter accounts: What was a US helicopter looking for in the facilities of the Russian embassy? Faults in the location system?

However, although the message is hilarious, Moscow has been very clear. They will pay with the same coin every action that the Americans execute against their nation. Previously, Moscow reacted similarly on March 17 expelling 23 British diplomats from its territory.