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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

She decided to talk 52 years later

Por mayli2017

Sandy Blampied was 11 years old when she last saw her mother. Since that October 5, 1966, when she left her early at school, she never heard from her again. Not a call, not a letter. Louise Pietrewicz, had abandoned her husband for the second time, vanished without a trace.

Neither her daughter nor anyone else came to know about her and despite having gone with the police, no body was found, no one was blamed, she case became, among the inhabitants of Long Island in the enigma of the missing woman.Sandy was absolutely certain that if her mother were alive she would have tried to contact her in some way, never lost hope of hearing any news about her, of finding her in one place.

After 52 years, the enigma has been resolved, the wait is over for this daughter who has finally discovered what was the tragic fate of her mother. Her body was found buried 7 feet underground in the basement of a house not too far from her.

She was 38 years old when she disappeared without a trace. Those who knew her speculated that she had left with her lover, a cop named William Boken, also married. But the strange thing was that she had left behind a 12-year-old daughter and after that, she never came into contact with her.

The mystery of the inexplicable disappearance of Louise Pietrewicz lasted half a century. The remains of this Long Island woman have just appeared buried in the basement of a house in Southold County.As part of the investigation into his disappearance, the Suffolk County police already traced the same colonial-style house five years ago. The house belonged to the agent with whom he had a relationship, who died in 1982. But they found nothing.

Following an investigative report published in October by a local newspaper, the case was reopened, as the police forces had new clues to work with. Even a documentary was made. Judith Boken, who was the police officer's wife, revealed to the Suffolk Times that the woman's body was buried in what used to be her old house, inside a jute sack. A secret that he kept for 52 years.

Detectives of the homicide team returned to the residence 15 days ago, after receiving authorization from the new owner. This time they did it with special sonar equipment capable of penetrating the ground. And there was the skeleton.Sandy Blampied remembers perfectly the last hug she gave to her mother before taking the school bus. That was one day in October 1966. From the feeling of a daughter, if her mother had been alive, she would have called her, she insists, convinced that she was murdered.

On the other hand, William Boken resigned from his police post a day after the disappearance and the three previous days did not go to work, because he said he was sick.Pietrewicz was buried two meters deep, under a span of cement. At a press conference, the chief detective of the Suffolk police said there are times when the witness reveals information because his conscience asks him to do so. The Suffolk forensic team was able to identify the remains by crossing the DNA with the relatives of the victim. Although they did not determine the cause of his death.