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Monday, April 16, 2018

Summit of a Death Foretold

Por freewinds12345

As expected, the Summit of the Americas will be a circus or rather a political spectacle that was envisioned from its inception. We could say it is a total failure if we speak of a meeting that is supposed to promote unity among Latin American peoples; however, the director of the orchestra, the United States, its satellites and the resignation of Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski have done the honors of a meeting in which the two political positions in Latin America will show their faces.

When the curtains of the Summit are opened neither Trump, nor Maduro, nor Kuczynski, nor Macri will see each other's faces. They will be the great absentees of a Summit failure that augurs the unitary and political disaster reigning in America.

Cuba has already given the first blows criticizing the presence of Rosa María Payá, daughter of Oswaldo Payá, the Cuban opponent who died a few years ago in an accident and who, according to Miami's delusions, was provoked by the Cuban Intelligence Services. Although there is certain thing, Payá was in Miami as a tourist.

The official media of the largest of the Antilles already speculates that the presence of the girl is part of a maneuver and political trick of Miami and of course Senator Marcos Rubio, who curiously occupied the empty chair of Donald Trump. The US president has already announced that he will not attend the VIII Summit.

Donald Trump's absence has left more than one analyst and journalist open-mouthed, as he was expected to appear at the debate of these critical moments for the region that since the current administration experience certain differences within their territories. In addition, for some, the Summit was the ideal forum for Trump to denounce Venezuela and propose more severe measures against that country. However, it has not happened.

Trump sent his vice president and a senator with enough guts as Marcos Rubio is. The negative thing is that Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia are quite angry with Washington, the Aztecs, for the new wall and the troops posted across the border; Cuba, well, the bilateral disagreement of both is already a subject; and Venezuela has been Washington’s headaches for several years. The absence of Trump leaves much to be desired by politicians from his country, but also from the region, as some pro-White House presidents will not see the direct support of the Yankee president but that one of his subordinates.

For the first time, a US president does not attend the Summit of the Americas, a fact that has disappointed not a few Latin American leaders who support Washington regarding its position against Venezuela. Although Mike Pence will take the place of Trump, Marcos Rubios will lead the White House's positions and criteria, since Pence is a neophyte in Latin American issues, a region that Rubio knows very well, because besides his Cuban ancestry, he has studied for years the matters relating to that geographical area. A former member of the National Security Council commented that it will be the right moment for Senator Marcos Rubio to take the lead and represent Washington's position on several issues of interest to the region.

The influence of Rubio in the decision making of the US government on Latin America has been unquestionable, even Mike Pompeo, who always asks Rubio's advice when it comes to Latin America. The Senator of Florida was the promoter of the changing of the policy towards Cuba, through which the sanctions against the Island intensified. He also gave a wide list of Venezuelan officials that should be punished.

It is known that Marcos is not Trump due to the political weight of one regarding the other, of course. Yet, Rubio is as extreme right as Donald Trump; even his views on how to treat progressive Latin nations are rougher and steeper than those of Trump. There lies one of the hopes of other Latin American leaders who aspire to Washington's support against Venezuela, aware that Trump is a faithful listener of Marcos Rubio’s criteria, therefore they expect him to be the champion to impose sanctions on Caracas. Panama has taken the first step, and the rest of the nations have been content to do so. Some of them allude that they do not have a favorable legal framework for it.

For some analysts, according to well-known Rubio's positions on Cuba and Venezuela, the Floridian senator is expected to urge other governments to continue supporting democratic change in Cuba and human rights on the island. Rubio must also encourage the present leaders to offer more humanitarian assistance through non-governmental organizations to the people of Venezuela