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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Syrians didn't like the orchestrated attacks

Por qubano22005

Several dozen people have gathered in the main squares to demonstrate their rejection to the aggression of the United States against their nation, which bombed it with more than a hundred Tomahawks. According to reports, only in the city of Aleppo a total of 15,000 citizens gathered and carried posters with messages of repudiation, while others raised signs of support for the Syrian army. For Syrian citizens, the attack of France, the United Kingdom and the United States collision was coward action that supported the opposition groups.

Other rallies took place in Tartous, Hama, Hassakeh, Quneitra and Damascus, where flags of Syria, Russia and Iran were raised, and slogans were launched against the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Israel.

Although the White House expected a reaction against Bashar Al Assad, the country rose up against those they consider their true enemy: the United States of America. In the capital of the country more than 2 million citizens challenged the western aggressors.

The aggression against Syria did not have the support of the US Congress. In a unilateral decision President Donald Trump ordered the attack, which was followed by Britain and France. Before international agencies came to the area to know and investigate what happened and give a verdict, Donald Trump’s government arrogated to itself the right to take justice using its own rockets. Supposedly, the targets were research and development centers in Syria that Al Assad uses to develop chemical weapons.

The protests also occurred in the coastal province of Latakia, in which hundreds of civilians gathered in Sheikh Dahir Square to repudiate the aggression. Also, during the demonstrations expressions of condemnation to the United States such as No to terrorism! No to aggression, not to Zionism and yes to the Syrian Arab Army! were heard. Despite the use of "new and smarter" rockets, as Trump said, the Syrian armed forces managed to shoot down 71 missiles out of the 110 launched by the collision, a fact that has demoralized the American forces and regenerates the confidence of Al Assad's army.

The American attack caused a balance of three wounded people and the damage of teaching centers, laboratories and a Scientific Research Center in Damascus. After knowing Al-Assad’s army victory over the opposition strongholds, the United States invented an attack with chemical weapons that served as a pretext to, in a few hours, attack the Arab nation. Russia has shown that this was no more than a "staging" of the western states to continue supporting the terrorists and dissidents.

Despite protests and the popular support for his government, the external nations continue their aggressions against the Bashar regime and have also launched an electronic attack to probe the defensive system that exists in the Arab country.

Several analysts believe that this attack was used by the United Kingdom, the United States and France to draw the attention off the problems that exist in the governments of these countries, mired in scandals and internal problems that they have failed to resolve. On the one hand, Theresa May, tries to use Harry Potter’s magic to get rid of media attention after the failure of Brexit; on the other hand, Macron faces a series of strikes that has led to closing even the legendary Eiffel Tower; and last but not least, there is Donald Trump, entangled on sexual scandals and living the Mueller nightmare, who continues trying to carry out with his administration.