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Thursday, April 19, 2018

The billboards missing in Peru’s Summit

Por qubano22005

A giant hoarding showed the offense. On the streets of Lima, the messages of posters attacking the presidents of Cuba and Venezuela consigned: "Wanted for crimes against humanity", and others pointed out to Cuba: “Enough of corruption, repression and impunity”. However, supporter of both governments rewrote the posters with other phrases such as: “Don’t mess up with Cuba”.

During the VIII Summit of the Americas both Latin American presidents were strongly rejection by the Peruvian authorities so it is necessary to ask if these head of states are really the ones that should be sought for attacking humanity, or is another, very visible on Twitter, who should be judged.

Cuba and Venezuela are accused of crimes against humanity, but the discourse of its main promoter, the United States, has become hypocritical and empty. Through Latin American ventriloquists Cuba and now Venezuela, are accused of human rights violations and lack of democracy. Is this real? While it is true that the Cuban Constitution and the Socialist system impede certain freedoms, it is an ignominious act to accuse Raúl Castro of crimes against humanity.

Let's start by remembering that her daughter Mariela is the director of the National Center for Sexual Education (CENESEX) through which she has given support and help to people with different sexual orientation: transgender, transsexuals, homosexuals and LGBT community members. Likewise, the Cuban media does not censers May 17, International Day Against Homophobia, and activities regarding the date are celebrated all over the country.

In terms of health, under Raúl’s administration infant mortality was reduced to 4.0 per every thousand live births. The Herald itself, openly anti-Castro publication, in 2017 reported that Cuba is one of the countries that most invests on social programs such as Health and Social Assistance. According to the publication in that same year, $ 425 million were invested in health and social assistance, which represented 28 percent of the country's income. In education, $ 344 million were invested, 23 percent if the income of the nation, which financed 9,433 schools attended by 1.77 million students.

Also, after the passage of Hurricane Irma, where more than 70 percent of Cuban territory was without electricity, in less than a month energy services were recovered. Likewise, Cuban electricians travelled to work in the recovery of other Caribbean nations affected by Irma. The total damages caused by the hurricane amounted to 13 billion 585 thousand Cuban pesos; however, "the rapid action of people and the government guaranteed a faster recovery."

Among other achievements of Raúl Castro in the period that concludes is the increment of life expectancy and the rates of childhood development, endorsed by UNESCO; important scientific accomplishment like Heberprot -P, given to the United States, as well as the support of Cuban doctors in humanitarian works, including the fight against Ebola in Africa, are in the list too.

Meanwhile, President Nicolás Maduro, only during his administration in 2017, social investment increased to 74.1. This was reflected in the number of new hospital establishments. To date, 800 million medical consultations have been made and 1,400,000 lives saved while medical universities have graduated 27,000 new doctors.

On the other hand, "criminal" Nicolás Maduro, through Venezuela Great Housing Mission (GMVV), initiative of Commander Hugo Chávez, has reached two million homes granted. Likewise, he provides pensions to 100% of senior citizens through the Carnet de la Patria. At the same time, his government fights corruption in PDVSA and has been dismantling the internal mafia network that uses government money for its own benefit.

So, if these dictators are so bad and bloody murderers, why do they have so many social expenses? Tyrannical governments must, at least from what I believe, restrict rights, oppress people and snatch to them social conquests; they must invest more in private companies and not in social indexes. There is no doubt that they are really incapable as dictators and murderers. They must be part of the new class of dictators that Lula, Dilma, Cristina, Evo and Correa were.

On the other hand, there are the democratic and "angelic" presidents that without doubt are virtue’s models. There is one with his blond dyed hair, Donny Trump, who has recently attacked Syria with a hundred rockets, violating the regulations of his country of consulting the Congress. "Donny", the boy who mocks women and treats them like prostitutes, raised the reinforcement of troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, nations that together with Libya have been destroyed by Americans so “democracy” can be imposed.

Donny Trump, months away from being elected, did not condemn white supremacists for murdering young Heather. In addition, during the elections, he promoted hatred and division even between the Democratic and Republican parties. The tycoon fragments the society between defenders of firearms and those who want regulations for them, and encourages anti-immigrant sentiments, a country founded by migrants (Do you remember the Mayflower?), walls, militarization and deportations.

The highly likely Nobel Peace Prize has publicly declared his desire to eliminate the Obama Care medical assistance program and launched toilet roll instead of offering more help to Puerto Ricans, who still remain without electricity. In addition, the black criminal population has increased, and the murders or shooting of law enforcement officers against African-Americans are becoming more frequent.

The mogul “angel” obstructs the justice of his country and dismisses any member of his cabinet that overshadows him or simply does not agree with his criteria. The New Yorker is very democratic, so democratic that perhaps this is why 60% of US ambassadors have resigned and requests to seek employment in foreign services have decreased by 50%.

Regarding the Cuba issue, Donny has shown himself as a charitable and understanding president, enough to mention that Cuban-Americans have more travel rights than those born in the land of Washington, who have to apply for visas to Cuba and travel in groups. They are also offered a detailed list of hotels where Americans should not stay and they are even prohibited from consuming Cuban products, as they benefit the economic interests of the Cuban military and ex-servicemen. Undoubtedly, the United States is the Land of Freedom, of course, of freedom and free will for those who control the threads of power, but not for those citizens whose daily efforts keep the country that defends human rights alive economically. So, who are the criminals? Definitely, some billboars in Peru were missing.