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Friday, April 27, 2018

The curious exchange of tweets between Donald Trump and Kanye West

Por Rory

Kanye West tweeted a series of positive messages about the president of the United States, Donald Trump. Not only did he receive an avalanche of criticism, but he lost millions of followers in an account that was adding followers at a huge rate since the artist's return to that social network 10 days ago. West returned to Twitter after deleting his accounts in May 2017.

In the last few days he has had a lot of activity, including several publications about Trump. All this after the fans regretted an Ebro Darden report on April 23, host of the Hot 97 station, about which West recently told him: "I love Donald Trump." The rapper maintained his defiant attitude after the negative reaction of many followers, tweeting a picture of himself with a cap "Make America Great Again" with the legend "We have love." "You do not have to agree with Trump, but the mob cannot make him not love him," West tweeted. "We are both dragon energy, he is my brother, I love everyone, I do not agree with everything the world does, that is what makes us individuals, and we have the right to think independently."

But all this had a price for the artist, at least for his growing and recently resumed Twitter account. West had tweeted again on April 15 (at that time the account had 3.47 million followers, according to Corwdtangle, a monitoring tool) and since then it had been adding followers at considerable rates. By April 19, it had 14.8 million followers-according to Crowdtangle-and every day it added more than 2 million: between April 18 and 24 it grew 15.24% on average per day. Until it was learned of his "love" for Trump and started his tirade in tweets. West went from having 27.7 million followers on Tuesday 24 to 17.8 million on Wednesday 25, a drop of 9.8 million followers, a decrease of 35%, according to Crowdtangle figures. By the time of closing this note Twitter indicates that it has 18.8 million.

Less than an hour after his tweet about Trump and the dragon's energy, West published another tweet, an apparent request from his wife Kim Kardashian West, who is critical of Trump and clarified that he does not agree with everything Trump does. "My wife just called me and I wanted her to make this clear to everyone, I do not agree with everything Trump does, I am not 100% in agreement with anyone but me," he wrote. But he added that he also loves former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders was asked about West's admiration for the president and whether they both plan to meet. "I do not know of any conversation they've had for the last week or so," Sanders said. "I will keep you informed if that changes." West met with Trump in December 2016 at Trump Tower during the transition period of the then elected president and that meeting also generated drastic reactions from West fans. West had erased all his tweets defending his meeting with President Donald Trump in 2016, after the negative reaction at that time.