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Friday, April 20, 2018

Trump, allergic to Californian sun

Por qubano22005

A new battle has been launched by US president Donald Trump, this time as expected, against the governor of California Jerry Brown, who had already expressed his opposition and discontent to send troops from the National Guard to the Mexican border.

President Trump accused the governor of California of "trying to withdraw from the sending of National Guard troops to the border." However, so far, the Democratic governor plans for the State of California to make a large-scale deployment of the National Guard troops along the border with Mexico, as the president of the United States longs for so bad.

According to Brown, nothing has changed and 400 state soldiers of the national militia will be sent, although he clarified that California hopes that activities related to the immigration law will not be included.

Yet, the president is very angry with Californians and has urged them to protect the border. On his last tweet he wrote that Californians "are not happy." They want security and protection “NOW”. He also tore into California with the accusation of being a rebel state, having too many sanctuary cities that protect the illegals in that territory. Trump said in another of his tweets that there are "too many Sanctuary areas, they want to get out of this ridiculous concept, infested with crime procreation."

Since his arrival to power, Donald Trump through the Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) intends to dismantle and bury sanctuary cities, which are those that have certain facilities to protect immigrants, some of them can even bid for jobs without having the necessary documentation. These attacks are part of the policy unleashed by the president to reduce the number of illegal immigrants in the United States. Although many analysts consider that even those who have documentation could be sent back to their countries of origin due to the intensification of anti-immigrant laws promoted by the head of state.

For several politicians including the head of state himself, the government of California has become the ultimate whiplash to government measures. California senators and even police and the governor have opposed to mass raids in their territory. Trump has come to threaten California with sending more ICE agents to exercise greater control against migrants to force the State to bigger vigilance and immigration measures. The former Mexican territory has condemned the massive raids, deportations, plans to construct a wall on the border with Mexico and the policy of "zero tolerance" against those who try to cross it and get caught. Despite this, some counties like San Diego voted a resolution to support a lawsuit filed by the federal government against the state law that allows establish "sanctuary cities."

It is expected that after the signing of Trump's executive order, 4,000 National Guard troops will be deployed throughout the Mexican border. So far it is foreseen that under the statute known as "Title 10" the National Guard will pass under the control of the president and receive federal pay and benefits. The state of California owns 58 counties and more than 39 million inhabitants being the most densely populated of the 50 states. According to census figures, around 38% of the population talks Spanish in their homes. The Mexican presence is still one of the strongest in the nation.