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Monday, April 30, 2018

Trump and Macron: a dangerous political romance?

Por mayli2017

Americans make use of a sympathetic term when talking about an affectionate relationship between two leaders: bromance, which is the fusion of brother, brother in English, and romance.In the specific case of Trump and Macron as in most good love stories, there would be few rational explanations that can define such "affection" beyond how much such a relationship suits them: French represents a strong man of Europe and privileged interlocutor of the first power in the world, a type that could clearly handle the relationship with a president as erratic and powerful as Donald Trump.The US president can help him open a veto statesman, besides that he looks sincerely comfortable in his company.

To talk about the relationship between Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron, it is necessary to enter into the language of greeting. Nothing more to see them at the entrance of the White House or during the long journey they spent together in Washington, before, during and after each act, even in the middle of a press conference.If we go back in time, a year ago, when they met, the French president surprised the American with an interminable handshake. That kind of gesture, coming from the counterpart of his American counterpart is not uncommon, since Trump is famous for shaking hands and giving a little tug, as who marks territory.

Macron, on the other hand, as he confessed later, defied him on purpose and that pleased Trump. On this occasion, during the state visit, Macron approached and gave him a kiss. The North American corresponded something to him with perplexity in principle, nevertheless, soon it took the initiative, smiling and it repeated it in many times later.

The sympathy shown by both leaders is one of those peculiarities that foreign policy sometimes provides. Macron presents himself to the world as an antagonistic leader of Trump, raises the flag of multilateralism, protects at all costs the nuclear pact with Iran and was the first to criticize Trump when he decided to disassociate himself from the Pact against Climate Change the year past.On the other hand, the life stories of both do not bear great similarities: Macron, a man of 40 years, is a senior official, banker, life partner since he was just a teenager of a woman older than him. Also, Trump, with 71 compliments, married in third marriages with a much smaller former model, is a rich builder who is credited with allergy to reading and passion for TV. And despite the notable differences between the leaders, it is an irrefutable fact that they like.

We are talking about two leaders superbly oblivious to the machinery of the parties, who have arrived in the same year to the presidencies of their countries and are admired for it. Trump, who was invited by Macron to celebrate July 14, the French national holiday, when the capture of the Bastille is commemorated, battle that put an end to monarchical despotism, beyond being captivated by the attention of the European and the military parade , so much so that he decided to incorporate a similar parade to the United States, referring to his counterpart, added that he is a very good person, a tough guy, but he has to be, he will be a great president of France.