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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Trump hides stories of "skirts and hats"

Por mayli2017

President Donald Trump, continues to deny the adventures he had in the past with the former model Playboys and porn actress, romances that happened when he had been married to Melania Trump for a year and his son was just months old. However, the case sets a precedent in the face of Stormy Daniels' claim. The main danger of these two demands is that the judges want to clarify the facts and call to declare Trump.

AMI's decision to reach an agreement, apparently very favorable to McDougal, comes a week after the FBI searched the offices and home of Michael Cohen, Trump's personal lawyer and the person allegedly behind the negotiation to silence the model. In that registry, according to sources of the investigation mentioned by the American means, the agents were looking for documentation regarding the payments to these two women for their silence. Those payments are under suspicion because, having the intention of favoring Trump's image as a candidate, they can be considered illegal donations to the electoral campaign.

Karen McDougal, the well-known former Playboy model, told the press that she reached a legal agreement to break the confidentiality agreement that prohibited her from telling the media about a supposed adventure with Donald Trump.

The pact presumes that McDougal will be able to sell his story from now on. McDougal's lawsuit was the second known, after the porn actress Stormy Daniels, to get rid of confidentiality agreements that made them remain silent in the summer of 2016, during the Trump presidential campaign.

McDougal received $ 150,000 from the American Media Inc. publishing group to have the exclusivity to publish the story about the sexual adventure that the model claims to have with Trump in 2007. AMI is the editor of The National Enquirer, a gossip tabloid. The president of AMI is David Pecker, friend of Donald Trump and fervent supporter of the president.

As is known, the story never made itself known. The agreement gave AMI the exclusivity of the story, so McDougal would be legally exposed if he counted his adventure elsewhere. Other parts of that agreement were the publication of a column of advice from McDougal and its presence on a cover, which were also not carried out. Karen is certain that it was an operation to hunt and kill, popular phrase, often used in the journalistic world of the United States, that is, buy a story to bury it. Michael Cohen, Trump's lawyer, participated in the negotiations for the exclusivity agreement, according to McDougal.

Following another similar complaint, presented by porn actress Stormy Daniels, McDougal denounced the exclusivity agreement in a court in Los Angeles, in order to end the confidentiality agreement that prevents him from talking about his sexual adventure with Trump.

Both complaints were for the public to know, for the first time, what are the confidentiality contracts with which powerful men are protected from the publicity of their sexual adventures.The friendly settlement ends McDougal's lawsuit. According to the terms signed, AMI will receive 10% of the profits obtained by McDougal for selling its history, with a limit of $ 75,000. The model will be the cover of Men's Journal, a magazine of the group, and will also publish the columns of fitness tips that they promised in their day. The best part is that McDougal does not have to repay the $ 150,000.