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Monday, April 30, 2018

Trump says he will get his hands out of Mueller's oven

Por freewinds12345

Donald Trump is walking with feet of lead, and his advisors are justifying his salary well inside the Oval Office. The president said he will get his hands out of Mueller's oven that cooks him, without a doubt, a good barbecue, only that it may be the public opinion that tastes it and the president who rejects it.

The head of state said publicly that "he will not be involved in the Department of Justice investigation into Russia's alleged interference in the 2016 presidential elections." But he left the tagline of a possible change of opinion. In an interview with Fox, the millionaire did not hide his discontent over the "witch hunt" of the Justice Department and said he would wait until the end.

And although Donald Trump feels very safe and shows signs that he is not involved in the Russian collusion, his constant attacks on Mueller, the dismissals and resignations of the people involved in the investigation, and above all the rumors of his desire to fired Mueller and Rod Rosenstein frighten away his credibility in the matter.

According to the dignitary, it is all about a witch hunt conducted by the Department of Justice with pro Hillary Clinton followers. For him, they want to see rolling the head of the president of the United States. According to Trump, he has taken a decision: do not interrupt the investigation in which the head of the Department of Justice, Jeff Sessions did not want to interfere.

The Democrats and several newspapers have repeatedly reiterated the wishes of Donald Trump to fire Mueller, however, the tycoon knows that to fire the Special Counsel and Rod Rosenstein, he would execute himself, as the charges of obstruction of the Justice. Therefore, Trump has made the decision he has to make if he does not want to burn at the stake.

Since December of last year, the possible dismissal of both public officials has been speculated. Since the advances that Robert Mueller has made in the investigation into the Russian collusion, the press has leaked information about the alleged dismissals of Mueller and Rod. The expulsion of Rosenstein would imply a limitation of the investigative powers of Robert, which would make the investigation slower and, therefore, it would be possible that the president could finish his term without major setbacks.

According to a CNN report, a few weeks ago the White House was preparing a report to discredit Deputy Secretary of Justice Rod Rosenstein. According to the report, the allies of the president are asked to refer to Rosenstein as someone biased with the investigation. Already in the Senate has been discussed about the "biases" that could exist in that scrutiny on the involvement of the Russians in the 2016 elections.

Although the president has rejected all kinds of implications, the intelligence agencies and the Federal Bureau have shown that indeed the Russians could have interfered in the elections. As part of Mueller's investigations, it was discovered that thirteen Russian citizens were involved in the plot. False accounts in social networks, fictitious identities and other crimes were evidence of the implication of these defendants. To this, the errors of diverse North American technological companies are added. The conspiracy took shape in social networks and errors of Intel and Facebook.

The sweeping indictment by Mueller describes in detail how Russia State since several years ago has been planned to interfere with US's policy. But according to the indictment 2016 was the target that Russians hid it. It is at odds with President Donald Trump's persistent questioning of those conclusions, which has continued throughout his first year in office.