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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Washington’s hypocrisy towards Latin American region

Por freewinds12345

What they do to Lula, if he were in Venezuela, it would already be invaded, recently said ex - president Rafael Correa said at a press conference in Murcia, Spain, about the challenges in Latin America. He was not wrong. Washington is sometimes contradictory and, above all, not very consistent. Perhaps because of this, Latin American political leaders with dignity and a certain degree of intelligence are opposed to playing the White House game, especially because of the demystification of the values of which they say to be bulwarks, since sometimes the go blind regarding several events that take place in their backyard and on which they say nothing.

Correa clearly referred to the democratic setbacks that have occurred in Latin America in the last 4 years, due to judicial coups that have occurred in Brazil but also to the fall of progressive governments, all promoted by Washington.

In the South American giant they have taken charge of dismissing the two most progressive presidents who have passed through that country in the last 50 years. The leaders of the Workers' Party, PT, have had to endure the scorn and lies of judges of their nation who have blatantly accused them of corruption, diversion of money and disability.

First it happened to Dilma in her first term, now it’s Lula. But with Lula they have gone too far. There are no reasons, there is no evidence to link him, and there is nothing for which the leader of the PT should be apprehended. But there is something very clear, Lula took thousands of Brazilians out of poverty, created programs to offer help to those in his country who were the most disadvantaged and who for years were marginalized and ostracized.

What is clear is they seek to stop Lula’s push who during the campaign has achieved thousands of followers. A man like him should not return to the presidency, it’s inconvenient, of course. The interests of Washington would tremble again and the Brazilian oligarchy too. The political move is then to avoid in some way Lula Da Silva’s strength, whose greatest crime has been to fight for the rights and progress of most Brazilians.

The most hilarious part is the big hypocrisy of the White House’s actions. Let's close our eyes for a second, and imagine that instead of Lula is Capriles Randowski who is campaigning in Venezuela and all the states overwhelmingly support him. Suddenly, Maduro decides to stop him. What would Washington do? What would Donald Trump’s satellite countries do? Logically, they would confront the Venezuelan dictator. Yet, this is not happening in Brazil because a lackey of the US president is in power. It happens in Venezuela because the thirst for oil and wealth of the United States has not been satisfied since the Chavez’ supporters ascension.

That's where the hypocrisy of Washington lies. Under the banner of his democracy they support those faithful followers of US designs. Who supports Trump? Colombia, a country whose crimes against leaders and political activists are daily executed. Why do not they invade Colombia if Juan Manuel Santos signed a Peace Treaty and does not comply it? There is Argentina, a nation where discontent over high tariffs and measures that make the population suffer occur every day. Where is Washington's humanitarian support? Why do not they make a call to the international community to react against Mauricio Macri?

There is Peru, a prevailing corruption country filled with corroded politicians and in which even President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski himself had to resign due to the gravity of the money embezzlement accusations. What did Trump do? He remained silent.

In spite of that, Washington has the audacity to accuse the nations that really do for their people, those who with the few resources they have invest more in Education, Health and social works.

Cuba is being criticized for their democratic change but, what is democracy following the White House’s concepts? According to the origin of the word, it is the power of the people. In Cuba, all the population has universal access to Education and Health. And in the United States, do they does it too?

There is Venezuela. Despite the "repression", the social health, education and sports programs continue. The nation’s oil profits are invested to continue, besides, a housing program that has already reached 2 million homes. How many houses has offered the real-estate business man?

Now let’s look inside the United States itself and its democracy. Only this year, the US president decides to eliminate DACA. The rights of thousands of emigrants are eliminated from a blur. The same head of state proposes to eliminate Obama Care, program of his predecessor to alleviate the health care needs of the less favored citizens. In addition, there are the millions of homeless citizens only in New York, Trump’s city. So, what is Democracy? Is it Venezuela who must be invaded or the United States?

Rafael Correa was wrong. It is not thinking if it’s Venezuela or Brazil who do the right thing. It is to reflect on which is the least democratic country in the world, and transform it, especially when carrying firearms is a symbol of democracy.