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Monday, April 30, 2018

Will he escape again to death?

Por mayli2017

It has nine points on the head, sometimes severe pain caused by the area where the bear's teeth were embedded and a shark bite on the leg are the kind of things that happen to any person every day. Dylan McWilliams has gone through them and says that the bad experience has not made him stop making plans outdoors.He is an animal lover and spends as much time with them as he can.

For him, the incidents have happened because he has been in the wrong place and at the wrong time. Do not blame the shark or the bear or the rattlesnake. Because he also had an encounter with a rattlesnake while hiking in the state of Utah. He stumbled over something, he thought it was a cactus but then he realized that it was a coiled snake. However, after the third encounter with death, the young man prefers not to think about a room. At least not for now.

Sayings and popular phrases are always right, said my grandfather. The man, intelligent as few, also said that maturity and youth never go hand in hand because it is that stage of life the best time to commit all the recklessness and it knows a lot the young American 20 years, Dylan McWilliams. An inveterate lover of nature, McWilliams has survived his third bloody brush with the animal kingdom, this time a shark attack while doing bodyboarding, a sport quite similar to surfing, off the coast of Hawaii.

In declarations to the BBC, the young person assures that it is a species of madness. Many will think he's not very lucky, but in reality, he's a pretty lucky boy in unfortunate circumstances.A week ago the young man was on his bodyboard enjoying the Pacific waves when he felt something hit his leg. He saw the shark under him, he started kicking it, he is sure that he hit it at least once and then he started swimming to the shore as fast as he could.The animal left particular marks of teeth on McWilliams' leg that required seven stitches. It is presumed that the attack was by a tiger shark about 2 meters.

However, it is not the first time that McWilliams has these unexpected encounters with the darker side of the animal kingdom.Originally from Grand Junction, in the western state of Colorado, the young man has been touring the United States and Canada for the past few years and funds his trips with occasional jobs on farms or as an instructor of survival methods.It teaches children and those who are interested in survival methods, for example, how to survive in the desert or live off the land as explorers did. And on more than one occasion he has had to use some of these techniques in his own flesh.

One of those times was in July of last year, when he woke up in the middle of the night with his head inside the mouth of a bear.The black bear grabbed him by the back of the head and he was forced to fight and hit him in the eyes until he let him go. On that occasion, McWillians was not alone, he was traveling with his friends, who were awakened by the noise, but when they came to him, the animal of more than 136 kilograms was already moving away.The authorities of the park found the bear the next morning and, after carrying out some tests that confirmed that he had the young man's blood in his claws, they sacrificed him.