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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

A crafty old man with a rifle

Por qubano22005

The old tricks and ways are very difficult to quit off and, if in addition one live in a country where having a scary curriculum associated with war is an advantage, it will be very hard to get away. Oliver North, the same one who was involved in on a Iran-Contra scandal as part of the military leadership that led the operation, returns to the arena of arms sales as, nothing more and nothing less, the president of the National Rifle Association (NRA). The appointment of this contemporary personality who has made money out of the blood of thousands of people makes very clear the government's position regarding ending the violence in the United States.

The NRA directive board elected the lieutenant colonel, experienced and seasoned in the Iran-Contra affair. The entity that appoints a president every two years replaced Pete Brownell, who did not run for a second term. However, Wyne LaPierre will continue with daily operations from his position as vice-president and CEO. It is expected an increase of NRA members under North’s administration, as well as a rising of the organization’s prestige through his participation in public and protocol events.

Detractors of the most important lobby in that country will now have much more work to do if they really want to find a solution to decrease the violence levels. Oliver, retired lieutenant colonel of the US Armed Forces is a hard-line person, known in the conservative circles of the nation. He is elected president of the arms lobby at a time in which the country is divided into criteria and positions on what measures should be implemented to limit or at least control the irrational use of firearms.

In addition, North stated to Fox News that he was honored to have been chosen and that he was "eager to get down to business."

Since February 14, Valentine's Day, when the Parkland massacre occurred, the country is experiencing an internal revolution, both from the population and the political sectors. The gap between two fundamental points of view has deepened. On one hand there are those who since Columbine and other events of the kind have bet on fire guns’ control and regulation; while on the other hand there are the conservatives who appeal to the Second Amendment. Of course there are always the defenders of a more radical position. Some consider the total abolition of fire arms use by the population as a solution to the conflict; others, on the contrary, call unpatriotic those who dream of repealing the Second Amendment.

In the political field, the positions don’t change either, especially since the Democrats have strengthened their opposition to arms sales viewing the legislative elections. Some Republicans also advocate for greater control over the sale of these deadly devices. The NRA is still in the eye of the hurricane and among the arguments that weaken their position is the possible involvement in the Russian meddling during the 2016 elections.

But Lieutenant Colonel North has proven to be a good soldier, being selected as NRA new president is not a coincidental happening. In fact, he is one of the most popular characters within Republican conservatism, which represents a large percentage of the almost 5 million members of the National Rifle Association. That entity is well known for being reluctant to any change that implies greater regulations in the fire guns’ sale.

Now, with Oliver the NRA seeks greater social support and, certainly, to stay unpunished with any legislation. Unfortunately, the arms lobby currently has the support of several Republican legislators and people with many economic resources who support campaigns that intimidate the NRA’s detractors.

Some analysts such as John Feinblatt, president of Everytown for Gun Safety, said the lieutenant colonel’s designation evidences the NRA’s fall after the events of Parkland. Meanwhile, Avery Gardiner, Brady Campaign co-president, said: "The NRA does not need a new leader but a totally new direction".

Among the disgraceful reasons, but much praised by Washington, why North was elected as NRA’s president was the military operation named years later as Iran-Contra. Through it and under the protection of then President Ronald Reagan, he sold arms to Iran and with the benefits from it he supported the Contra, a group of opponents of Sandinista supporters.

As if that were not enough, in his "bulky" résumé he was found guilty of obstructing justice and accepting bonuses illegally. However, he was lucky and in 1991 he received a pardon. On this regard Avery Gardiner commented that it was shameful for an organization interested in law and order to choose a leader who lied to Congress and admitted it.