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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Bullets do not stop Palestinians from dreaming

Por qubano22005

Dust, fire and bullets, screams and death, the Gaza Strip is stained with blood. More than 58 dead and 2,771 injured people is the outcome of the massacre on the Israel-Gaza border. However, Donald Trump sits quietly, listening to his advisers and his team in the morning, while he drinks his morning coffee. He does not feel guilty for the absurd decision he has made. The six minors deaths as a result of the clashes doesn’t weight on his conscious. Trump fueled the East Jerusalem’s fire after his decided to officially move the US embassy to that city, inaugurated in style. While death reigns in Gaza, his lives a quiet comfortable existence in the White House.

The Israeli forces showed no mercy. High-tech weapons, excellent training and a lot of hatred have been lashed out against the intifada and the Palestinian demonstrators that do not have more weapons than stones and sticks. Young people, the elderly, women and children try to defend their territory that was usurped by international agencies and now the United States legitimizes its illegal belonging to Israel.

While Israeli police forces were preparing for the transfer of the American Embassy, the wave of protesters came over them. The Palestinians showed their rejection, despite the deployment of thousands of police officers to protect the official opening ceremony in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Arnona. Neither the Hebrew warning pamphlets could stop the wrath of the Palestinians. About 35,000 protesters gathered at the border fence, the Israel Defense Forces reported.

About 130 demonstrators are in serious health condition, and more than 225 children, 80 women and a dozen journalists are reported among the wounded, according to the Haaretz newspaper.

It is shocking that the Jewish people forgot the humiliations and crimes they suffered under an oppressive regime such as Nazism. It is shameful that the Israeli people do not have enough shame to prevent their government from attacking the defenseless Palestinians. The Israelis know very well that terrible experience that the world lived with horror. But, now they bet on oblivion. Why? Supposedly for a territory that was granted by divine right: Jerusalem is theirs.

Yes, it may be true, but it is also true for Muslims and Palestinians. And before the United Nations and the United Kingdom founded the State of Israel Palestinians were already living there. Now the Stars and Bars’ flag waves, as a sign of the US alliance and support to the "legitimate" struggle of Israel.

It is no secret to anyone that the United States is a nation dominated by Jews. The high financial and political circles have a large Jewish majority, most of which control and make vital decisions in foreign policy.

Trump has not hidden it. He has stopped making Pro-Hebrew decisions. During his campaign he promised to move the embassy in order to guarantee money and voters of Jewish origin. Just a week ago, he approved Justice for Unbalanced Survivors Today, a law to compensate the Jewish victims of the Holocaust. Is it a coincidence? Definitely not. The United States returns favors to Israel; Israel returns favors to the United States, they work as a symbiosis.

But that friendship, that association sows death and terror in the Middle East. The US embassy moving to Jerusalem proves that the United States do not fit to mediate in the peace process between the two neighboring countries: Palestine and Israel. His favoritism for the last one disqualifies him to be in any negotiation of concord.

Donald Trump’s order has been an insult not only to the Palestinian nation, but to the world. As a result of its lack of wisdom and sanity, the region has become a hotbed, a bloodbath that has boosted the region’s destabilization.

The Turkish government is not happy with what happens there, very close to its territory, mainly because of the opprobrium that this means for the Muslim world. Through its spokesperson Bekir Bozdag, Turkey has condemned the US and Israel governments as responsible for the actions being taken against the Palestinians. Recep Tayyip Ergodan considers that the unjust and unilateral decision of Washington has been the cause of the violence and the "terrible massacre".

On the other hand, France has called on all those involved to show greater responsibility to avoid a further violence escalation. Jean-Yves Le Drian, French Foreign Minister, urged them to act in moderation, as well as qualified the action as a violation of international law by the United States.

The US embassy relocation occurred on the occasion of the celebration of Israel’s Independence Day on May 14. While for Palestinians, the date is an insult because one day later the Nakba (Day of the Catastrophe in Arabic) took place, in which the Palestinians were expulsed from their homes as a result of the creation of the State of Israel in 1948.

Israel believes all of Jerusalem is their indivisible capital, while the Palestinians see East Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian state. For that reason, American presidents, since the founding of Israel, located their embassy in Tel Aviv, in the West part of the city. Nevertheless, Trump laughed at history and disrespected international law when he made the decision.

The roots of this conflict set back to December 1947, when the General Assembly of the UN approved the division of Palestine, then under British control. This plan envisaged the creation of two independent States, one Arab and the other Jewish, and an international zone in Jerusalem under the control of the United Nations. However, nothing of what was established has been fulfilled. Time goes by and deaths continue to increase.

Nobody knows what will happen, or how many deaths will result from the protests. What is clear is that Palestinians will continue fighting for their dream: to have a really independent state.