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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Cannes 2018: Kristen Stewart skips the protocol in the red carpet

Por Jade

Sometimes it seems that the celebrities on the red carpet come from another planet. All of them seem untouched beings after going through makeup, hairdressing and stylists who take care of even the smallest detail. But then Kristen Stewart arrives and gives us a dose of reality. Because red carpet or not, stiletto heels are not always comfortable, no matter how Christian Loubotin they are. And what are you doing then? Well, like Kristen, take off your shoes.

Kristen Stewart is one of the great stars of Cannes in this 2018 edition, present in the jury and in the photocalls of the festival. In her last red carpet appearance, the 28-year-old actress posed with a beautiful two-piece silver-plated design with studs. However, the absolute prominence of the look was taken by his black stilettos by Christian Loubotin. Or rather, the role they played in this great moment on the red carpet. On this occasion, the American actress member of the jury of this year, decided to mock the veto of flat shoes, barefoot on the red carpet. The protagonist of the Twilight saga attended the premiere of BlacKkKlansman with black high-heeled shoes. But before entering the film screening of Spike Lee, she took off her shoes to climb the last steps.

It is not known that Stewart had been reprimanded for the gesture. Last year, Stewart, who is known for wearing sports shoes with her red carpet dresses, spoke about the dress code of the French festival. "No doubt there is a very clear dress code," the actress told The Hollywood Reporter magazine. "People get very upset if you do not wear heels or whatever. I think you can not ask people for that anymore, it's a fact, if you do not ask the guys to wear heels and a dress, you can not ask me." In 2015, it was said that some women were expelled from the red carpet for wearing flat shoes. This caused the stars to pronounce themselves against the rules. British actress Emily Blunt, for example, said the ban was "very disappointing." "Everyone should wear flat shoes, really, we should not walk with heels in any case, it's my point of view," she said.

It is not the first time that the issue of wearing heels on the red carpet becomes an inconvenience for Kristen Stewart. Maybe it was a prepared decision, maybe it was totally spontaneous. What is clear is that it was a stellar girlboss moment. And it may even be a trend; even Ralph Lauren did it in its parade. However, Stewart is not the first actress to take off her shoes on the red carpet in Cannes. Julia Roberts did the same in 2016 when she attended the premiere of her movie Money Monster.