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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Does US Environmental Protection Agency deny climate change?

Por qubano22005

The Environmental Protection Agency of the US (EPA) has not been able to eliminate the pollution existing within its members. In addition to the scandal of Albert Kelly and Pasquale "Nino" Perrotta on the millions of dollars spent on the Scott’s security, new evidence has come to light about the high levels corruption in the EPA. As reported, several email messages link the agency with conservative organizations that dismiss climate change. These organizations exist to encourage people who share this position, to attend public hearings on science and global warming to counteract news coverage and to promote the leadership capacity of the agency's administrator, Scott Pruitt.

The reports presented show the number of favors that the agency made to senior officials of the Heartland Institute. John Konkus, EPA’s associate deputy administrator for public affairs, repeatedly asked Heartland for help. Apparently, the EPA official sponsored by his boss Scott Pruitt repeatedly invited people well-known for rejecting scientific evidence on climate change. Among the conservative and anti-environmental organizations are Plants Need CO2, The Right Climate Stuff and Junk Science.

In one of the revealed e-mails Konkus wrote to the then President of Heartland, Joseph Bast, in May 2017: "If you send us a list, we will make sure to send an invitation". Scott Pruitt has shown on multiple occasions that he is not a principles’ person and more when it comes to taking money. It is not surprising then that the head of the agency has searched the support of people who deny climate change and who are against environmental regulations.

AP news agency revealed the information through the Environmental Defense Fund and the Southern Environmental Law Center who obtained the messages through a lawsuit based on the Freedom of Information Act. Scott’s public image is much deteriorated. His lack of authority and conscience still remains in the public memory when he allowed the president of the United States to come out of a beneficial agreement for the improvement of environmental health at global level.

He has also created an ethical-moral conflict by balancing his criteria in favor of magnates from the oil industry and gas, and now of organizations that are unaware of climate change. Scott is deaf to the findings of scientists inside and outside his agency, especially when it comes to carbon emissions that affect climate change.

There still is the suspicion of several analysts that it was Pruitt who whispered to Trump’s ear to leave the Paris agreement on climate change. Apparently, the beggar with king's airs continues to accumulate evidence of mismanagement and going against the interests of EPA.

Although spokesman Lincoln Ferguson commented that the entity "demonstrates the dedication to promote President Donald Trump's agenda on environmental leadership and regulatory certainty." This statement reveals the inexplicable links with Heartland and the many exchanges of favors with institutions that ignore important issues such as climate change. It is known that Donald Trump has a protectionist policy that led him to withdraw from the Paris agreement, considering that this treaty had an impact on the American economy and the interests of the American industrialists.

Despite the barrage of negative opinions on Pruitt, Donald Trump has given Scott a life-saver to try to rescue him from the severe critics. Trump has not stopped his continuous support to the EPA’s chief.

However, Democratic lawmaker Don Beyer keeps on the hunt down Pruitt who is suspected to be behind the scandal of excessive spending personal security. Millions of dollars began to be spent by Pasquale "Nino" Perrotta, the Pruitt’s head of Security. However, what is most worrisome is the recession that the United States may have in terms of environmental protection to continue Scott Pruitt’s position on this regard. The director of the agency is clearly aligned with the business and anti-environmental interests of Trump and certain ultraconservative organizations.