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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Giuliani will have to wash a lot of Trump’s linen in public

Por qubano22005

Everyone is scared. Apparently, Trump’s laundry service is dirty and if the president presents in court he will definitely be exposed. This is the only conclusion to be drawn after Rudy Giuliani, the new lawyer of the president of the United States has asked, like many other people, Special Counsel Robert Mueller to close the investigation into the Russian meddling in the 2016 elections. The Special Attorney "has all the facts to make a decision after 12 months investigating", said the former NY mayor. After a year of being open, the research has not yet shown conclusive results since, as evidence emerges, the matter gets more entangled.

Nearly 1.4 million documents have been archived in this case and 28 witnesses have so far been questioned by Mueller, this without mentioning the list of witnesses that the office of the Special Prosecutor has, which includes the president himself. The counterpoint between the defenders of Trump and the office of Mueller lies precisely in that despite the amount of information that is being handled, apparently, there is nothing binding with the current president. According to Giuliani, the lack of evidence is the reason that moves Mueller to interview Donald Trump.

Rudy Giuliani told the national media of the country that it was enough and it was time to stop the torture on the president. "He has carried that weight on his shoulder for a long time", he said. However, there are doubts. Why has it been a torture if at the end he is not involved? Why do not letting the investigation run its course and do obstacle it constantly? Why do constantly disqualify Mueller and his team?

In fact, the president wrote several sarcastic Twitts about the investigation after one year of being started. "Congratulations, United States, we are already in the second year of the largest witch hunt in US history ... and there is still no Collusion or Obstruction". The president seriously considers that the entire investigation is part of a witch hunt that is taking place and that the Democrats have an informant.

On this regard, Andrew McCarthy, deputy director of the FBI, a few weeks ago considered that it is possible there was a confidential informant in the campaign; if so, the scandal would be greater than Watergate.

According to the president, the only collusion that exists is that one of the Democrats who is determined to destroy their administration. Trump thinks the FBI and members of the investigative team are inveterate democrats who try to discredit him. "The only collusion was the one made by the Democrats who were unable to win an Election despite having spent much more money!", he attacked on Twitter.

However, Giuliani is right about something, the research gets the president so stressed that, to draw the attention away from the domestic affairs of the United States, Donald Trump has detonated "firecrackers" constantly in other nations of the world.

The now personal lawyer of the US head of state seriously questions the investigative benefits that Mueller could obtain from interviewing with "Donny". And while Trump has already said that without fear none will have a face to face meeting with the Special Attorney, Giuliani, like John Down, Trump’s previous lawyer, has suggested the same thing, to cease investigations.

So far and since the investigation began, nineteen people have been prosecuted, including Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, close collaborators of the president during his presidential campaign. The latter, along with Michael Flynn, has pleaded guilty and now collaborate with the investigation. In addition to the US citizens, 13 Russian citizens and 3 companies of that country have been accused.

In Giuliani's recent statements lie the serious implications If Trump gets to declare. According to Giuliani, Mueller's office is investigating and interfering in matters much larger than them. What does he mean? Will the CIA be involved? What are those bigger issues?

The investigation of Mueller is considered as one of the biggest ones against a president of the United States. The volume of documents and people involved has been decisive to continue. However, precisely because of the number of people involved, it is more difficult to find the links between them.

The main objective of the investigation is to know if Trump plotted to turn the electoral balance in his favor when it is known that in the intention to vote he lost to Hillary Clinton. But the fundamental reason why Bob continues digging in the files is to know if in fact if Trump tried to obstruct justice.

Ironically Trump has not been able to fire Mueller because the cannons of justice obstruction would finally fire on him. It is known that the president fired the director of the FBI, James Comey, and has requested the resignation of Mueller and Rod Rosenstein. He has also attacked Jeff Sessions for not taking sides over the suspension of the investigation.

Although the Special Attorney has admitted he cannot impute charges to the president, is expected that the final report of the investigation will be presented to the Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, who will share it with the Congress to determine whether or not to prosecute the president. That is why the results of the new legislative elections have great implications. If a Democratic majority is elected, Trump will be charged.