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Friday, May 11, 2018

I'll hate you until death do us part

Por qubano22005

Not even after death Senator John McCain wants to hear from Donald Trump. The respected Republican, who was a candidate for the presidency of the United States, has said this during the arrangements of what will be his funeral services. The politician who suffers from terrible brain cancer commented that he dislikes the idea of knowing that Trump attends his funeral and requested the Mike Pence’s presence instead of the president.

So far, according to The New York Times, the services will take place at the National Cathedral in Washington, once the Senator dies. McCain, 81, has been suffering from the disease since last year and has been under treatment in Arizona, his birthplace.

However, the commitment to his nation and the patriotism that has characterized him, despite being a hard-line politician, have kept him active in his legislative work and still leads his team in Washington.

The disease has not been a limit either to criticize the president of the United States. Not a few public incidents have had both politicians who despite belonging to the same political party share strong and profound differences. Senator John MaCain has criticized the "spurious nationalism" that advances in the United States and the White House supports.

According to the legislator, the president represents a false and misplaced nationalism, which damages the image of Washington in front of the public opinion and tarnishes it even more in terms of foreign policy. Like media and political analysts, McCain points to Trump's scorn for other political leaders. Perhaps the Senator refers to the way in which Trump shows his supremacy and that of his country by being rude and harsh with other leaders. And although McCain is a politician of character, he knows well that diplomacy also requires the support and respect of other nations so the White House can maintain its hegemony.

On the other hand, among the critics made by John is the inescapable reality that has characterized the Trump’s administration: those who criticize him have become his enemies and have been dismissed without many explanations, while those who flatter and profess him sympathy, continue afloat.

Donald Trump, in his burlesque and reality show language has offended McCain and other war heroes. In one of his counterattacks he said the Senator should not consider himself a hero only because he had been captured in Vietnam. He even expressed his contempt for the military who had been imprisoned during the war by writing: "I like people who were not captured." The comment referred to McCain, pilot of the Naval Forces, like many of his comrades was captured by the Vietnamese troops and was tortured. However, Trump, who possibly does not know where Vietnam is, in his eagerness to attack the legislator offended other war veterans who also suffered torture and abuse in Vietnamese prisons during the conflict.

Ironically, Donald Trump during Vietnam postponed his enlistment five times, arguing his university studies and heel bone spurs, something that McCain considered as a shame and even criticized how in his country the poor went to war while the millionaires found excuses for not to serve their country. "... I will never tolerate recruiting people from the lowest income level in the United States, and those at the highest level will find a doctor who will say they have bone problems", McCain said.

The senator, whose health is delicate, has asked other ex-heads of state to attend his funeral. Barack Obama and George W. Bush are expected to be the ones to do the honors at the National Cathedral in Washington. McCain has been nicknamed as Maverick by his co-religionists, for opposing Donald Trump's preposterous measures. Maverick considers the president as a man too impulsive to be the president of the United States, and above all, tactless when it comes to dealing with certain political and National Security issues. McCain, at the time, didn’t support the repeal of the law on medical coverage Obamacare.

McCain will maintain his position regarding Trump even when he’ll no longer stay among the living. Donald’s lack of information from, the wrong policies and the way he conducts foreign relations, definitely are not tolerated by the Senator.

However, the 81-year-old war veteran has welcomed his friends former Vice President Joe Biden and fellow Senators such as Jeff Flake and Joseph Lieberman.

Although John’s death is not official or imminent, the diagnosis is not very promising. However, McCain in addition to continuing his work as a legislator will publish a memoir under the title: "The Restless Wave", in which he openly criticizes Trump. Definitely, even in the after-life, McCain will disagree with the New York’s millionaire.