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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Michael Cohen’s documents shed new clues

Por qubano22005

The files collected by the FBI from the office of Michael Cohen, personal lawyer of Donald Trump, have been Bingo! for the Office of the Special Counsel of the United States Robert Mueller. If a few days ago the links of a taxi driver - now a cannabis salesman - with Cohen were unveiled, now the Special Counsel's investigation has been fueled again.

Evidentiary documents show the connections between the US president’s lawyer and a Russian fighter of mixed martial arts: Fedor Emelianenko who since 2008 has set ties with the current American head of state. Trump hired him for Affliction Entertainment, a league of fights in which the New Yorker tycoon had participation.

But this is not a mere coincidence. Putin has attended Emelianenko’s combats with whom he has posed in several photos. The FBI is precisely investigating what could be the relationships between them. At least they know that Michael Cohen was in charge of the Affliction Company in which Donald had investments. As usual, the Federal Bureau of Investigation burst this time into the hotel where Emlianenko is staying to question him about the matter. However, the athlete's representative did not detail on what issues he was asked specifically. He only said to the press that his client received a good treatment.

Emelianenko dominated the mixed martial arts heavyweight division from 2000 to 2010. He retired in 2012, resumed fights in 2015 and currently has a contract with the mixed martial arts company Bellator.

It will be necessary to wait for the course of the investigation carried out by Robert Mueller to know what implications the new element has in the Russian meddling. So far the Emlianenko was unknown, who curiously was in the stellar presentations of Affliction during the brief time that lasted the league due to financial reasons.

Perhaps it was simply businesses that, by chance, led to these three personalities, today in the sights of Robert Mueller’s research, to appear in the documents. Nobody knows but it is also possible to think that the specialist in mixed martial arts was the link between Putin and Trump. Luckily, Stormy Daniels showed up to uncover another vault of secrets. There still are many documents to read and analyze, but is clear that Cohen's files are throwing new evidence.

Meanwhile, another clue was unveiled related to the personal lawyer of Donald Trump who lent $ 26 million to a taxi driver to open a selling business of legal products derived from marijuana. Semyon "Sam" Shtayner, the businessman helped by Cohen, has a suspicious business record; however, he received all the licenses without taboos from the authorities.

On the other hand, the US president has described as unfortunate the FBI’s forcefully irruption into Cohen's office weeks ago. It is not the first time that the Trump describes Special Counsel Robert Mueller as abusive, nor is new that he tries to discredit the investigative process in front of the American public opinion.

Another of the mysteries that could be unveiled through Michael Cohen's documents is the one related to Trump's legal skirmishes to obstruct justice and the Department of Justice's investigation. Let’s recall that several members of his team have requested their resignation mysteriously. Also, FBI’s still James Comey’s firing stuck and it is well known, since the years of J. Edgar Hoover that feds do not abandon their own people. Trump has been able to defend himself until now, but now is his protective shield (Cohen) who should have a good defense to get out of the Special Council’s new onslaught.

And while Robert Mueller and his officials insist on continuing to find links between the current president and the Russians, the Republicans try to cover up the president's mistakes trying to resort to political and legal schemes to dismiss the investigation. Recently, the former director of the FBI James Comey described as inconsequential a document made by a commission of the House of Representatives that expresses that there was no collusion between Russia and Trump. The former number one of the FBI said Devin Nunes, who led the commission, is biased and loyal to the president. Contradictory, Donald Trump is precisely the one that qualifies those of the Department of Justice as biased and pro-Hillary.