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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Popular video game critic TotalBiscuit passed away

Por Rory

Popular video game critic John Bain, better known by his nicknames "TotalBiscuit" and "Cynical Brit", died this Friday at age 33. The YouTube star had 2.2, million subscribers in its channel of the video platform. In April, he retired from video game criticism after announcing that his bowel cancer had spread to his liver.

Bain, who revealed in 2014 that he had cancer, began to receive his relevant cycles of chemotherapy and other radiation treatments to end this condition that prevented him from reconciling his personal, professional and family life. A year later the disease became terminal, although he remained active working on his YouTube channel and the radio program The Co-Optional Podcast that many hear frequently. In an extensive publication on Reddit earlier April, he revealed that "he did not have much time left" and that his cancer was terminal. "This is probably my last update on my health status," he wrote. "My body became resistant to all forms of chemotherapy, according to my oncologist; there is nothing I can do beyond coping with pain in the best possible way." His wife Genna has publicly communicated this fatal news to the international scene because of its relevance in the audiovisual field. She also posted a poem on Twitter in honor of her late husband. "I am more overwhelmed by the pain than I could express," she said on the social network.

Bain, born in Spennymoor, England, gained notoriety in the World of Warcraft scene as host of a radio program made by fans and for fans of the game, a fact that was recognized by Blizzard. Subsequently, Blizzard invited him to cover his BlizzCon events and that path led him to start a period as a commentator in the scene of titles such as StarCraft II. After winning a legion of fans who felt crushed by his charisma and knowledge about video games, John Bain, also known as "The Cynical Brit", undertook a project as a content creator on YouTube, where he won the recognition of millions of fans by his critical and analytical style.He was champion of several independent small titles and produced videos in which he shared his first impressions on the new games.He also edited recommendation lists in the Steam online store. He openly criticized a large number of popular video games, noting that many developers seek to maximize profits at the expense of the quality of the game.

In his legacy there are dozens, hundreds of hours of specialized criticism completely subjective, which has led him to be respected by some and harshly rejected by others. Not in vain, his role as Steam Curator has been very relevant for some to be in his hand on many occasions the decision or not to buy a video game for thousands of those who until now have been its 800,000 followers on Steam. Those responsible for the Twitch video platform, where Bain used to post live sessions of his games, thanked his contribution to the industry. "The stubborn criticism and sense of humor of John Bain made him one of the most prominent voices in the video game industry," they said in a statement. Several players also paid tribute through Twitter. Bain contracted intestinal cancer in 2014, although entered the remission stage after a period of treatment. But cancer recurred and spread to his liver and spine.