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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Selena Gomez returns to sing after her transplant

Por Nina

Even the wedding of the British royals could not eclipse two divas. Taylor Swift (Pennsylvania, 1989) and Selena Gómez (Texas, 1992) starred, on Saturday night in California, a joint performance. It was a surprise: they were not seen on stage together since 2015, but Swift's Reputation Tour brought these "best friends forever" together.

When Swift said on stage that for the next song she was going to be accompanied by "one of the most faithful and true friends I have ever had", the Rose Bowl stadium in Pasadena (California) vibrated, both singers interpreted the song Hands to Myself provoking that the assistants to the concert were excited and applauded to rage. "Are you having a good night?" Gomez asked and then made a plea in defense of her friend. "I have to thank my best friend since I was 12 years old. She has never judged a single decision that I have made; Shee has always been by my side; she encouraged me when I did not have breath ... I do not know if I would be so strong if I did not have you and your family because you have changed my life," she said of Swift. In addition, she thanked her for her support and defined her as "the most beautiful, strong and independent woman I have ever met."

Last September, Selena Gomez announced on her Instagram account that she had undergone a kidney transplant. One year before, in August 2016, she had to withdraw from the scenarios to treat lupus she suffers from. The artist needed the transplant due to the illness she suffers: "I am very aware that some of my followers have noticed that I have been with a low profile during this summer [2017]. I discovered that I needed a kidney transplant for lupus I suffer, and I am recovering. Honestly, I was thinking if I share this with you, and soon I realized that I had to do it, "Gomez explained then.

Now, it seems that she is fully recovered. And her friend Swift has given her a hand to prove it to the public. The friendship of both singers is long and although at some point there were rumors that they no longer got along, it seems that is not true. In any case, if it was true, that supposed rivalry has remained in the past. After the concert, Swift also got rid of compliments for Gomez. On his Instagram, she posted a picture of the performance and dedicated it "to the person I could call at any time of the day, who has always been there no matter what happened ... Yesterday you were completely successful and everyone was excited to see you. I love you, and the 60,000 people that were in the Rose Bowl yesterday."