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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Strong and appropriate measures

Por qubano22005

The United States has not stopped showing its interest in Syria and that its intentions to dominate it are beyond eradicating terrorists and stabilizing the social situation that exists in that country that since 2011 is at war. In a clear threat to the Syrian government, the US warned the government forces of that country not to undertake an offensive against the rebels to the south. "We will take firm and appropriate measures", the White House warned the government of Bashar al-Assad. The State Department in Washington issued a statement in which it expressed concern over reports from security agencies of a possible displacement of official forces to the cities of the southwest to eliminate opponents.

The Americans’ move is part of a strategy to protect the positions of the Israelis who intend to continue their occupation in order to maintain their domination in the region. Syria is a key and vital point for the geopolitical control of two archrivals, Iran and Israel. Beyond the coasts of the Middle East, the countries of the West and Russia are interested in a positive balance for the parts.

The victory for the Syrian forces would imply the geopolitical strengthening of the enemies of the United States, Russia and Iran. On the other hand, the defeat of Al-Assad would ensure Americans and Israel the control of a key point in the Middle East. Some analysts believe that the armies of the United States and Israel see Iran's extensive military presence in Syria as a threat to the Zionist nation, while the Hebrew country has been the protagonist of attacks on Iranian positions in Syria, with the argument of being Hezbollah sites. Under the farce of maintaining security in the area, Israel and the United States, together with their allies in Europe, have plotted to undermine the stability of al-Assad's government. Thousands of pretexts have been given to one way or another guarantee their presence in that territory. The interference of Israel and the United States in Syria is illegitimate, the only reasons they can have are not humanitarian, social, or human rights, as they argue. It’s quite the opposite. There are geopolitical and economic interests where control over hydrocarbons and their derivatives are in the background.

Syria’s southwest area remains a critical point of confrontation where the powers of the area, Iran and Israel, take a warlike arm wrestling. A year ago in that area, specifically in Daraa, the United States, Russia and Jordan agreed that this territory would be a "de-escalation zone". However, the al-Assad regime has not stopped asking for a ceasefire and the deposition of arms in this area controlled by the rebels.

If on one hand Israel and the rebels have the support of the United States, Assad's forces rely on their Russian, Iranian and Lebanese Hezbollah allies. A product of this war that has been shown to the world as a "civil" one, there is the terrorist group ISIS, which reached great strength and accomplished to dominate a large part of the country.

What began as a peaceful uprising against President Bashar al-Assad in March 2011 has turned into a brutal and bloody civil war that has caused the implication of regional and international powers. The conflict has left more than 400,000 people dead, according to the latest estimate made by UN in April 2016.