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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The Bill Cosby Terror Show 

Por qubano22005

Billy thought he was going to go unpunished. The first trial had failed in his favor. It was logical, a powerful and popular figure with very good lawyers, it seemed impossible to come to prison by allegations of sexual harassment. Yet, Cosby did not imagine that the world of the show, the one that gave him so many glories, became his own nightmare, when the verdict that a jury made ten months earlier was reversed. Cosby was taken again to court, and everybody stayed silent to hear the sentence. The popular actor was convicted and the followers of the #Metoo movement filed another victory

America's dad did not imagine that he would be accused once again of the same crime: sexual harassment. Unfortunately for Billy, months before, the United States saw the rise and the peak of #Metoo, a movement that gave the creeps of Hollywood when the secret kept for years at the end was known: the female stars were raped or sexually abused by their male counterparts to get a role. The powerful Harvey Weinstein fell resoundingly and of his economic empire, only his legacy was left, but spotted. In addition to Hollywood, health and sports sectors also opened their Pandora boxes. Larry Nassar, the doctor for years of the US gymnastics’ national team, raped dozens of teenage girls while in their full sport development.

Billy expected none of this, since his first trial was suspended because the juries did not agree. America's Dad would continue to enjoy his millions and his audience laughing with The Cosby Show. But the picture changed, the #Metoo era arrived and Cosby, unluckily, became the first celebrity to be found guilty. Nothing could do Tom Mesereau, who defended Michael Jackson, to avoid the sentence. #MeToo has become an earthquake that shakes all sectors in an overwhelming way, without leaving unpunished rapist.

Unfortunately, one's sadness is others’ joy. During the trial, after knowing the verdict, several women did their "happiness" dance. The sentence on the African-American humorist has given credibility to the women's movement against harassment and sexual abuse that was recognized and supported during the Oscars. Now more women will not be frightened to face personalities fearing to lose. It is already known that #Metoo is real and that it can turn nightmares into the desire to dream again. Debra Katz, specialized in sexual harassment, believes that "before, women were slandered and discredited, in a reflex attitude, especially if celebrities and influential people were accused". Now everything has changed. Sandra Park, a lawyer of the Women's Rights Project of the American Civil Liberties Union, thinks #Metoo helped to give the public an education.

Andrea Constand had the courage to face one of the most prestigious humorists in the nation. The woman, who worked at Temple University, could no longer bear the burden she had on her shoulders so, instead, she determined to face the popular actor. Now, after months of research, it has been known that Constand was not the only one, other 60 women were drugged and raped by America's Dad - Cosby surely believed that he really was the progenitor of the United States and wanted to **** his seed from one coast to another.

Since 2015 Cosby had been denounced, more than 35 women gave their testimony. No one believed them. However, Cosby has already confessed that since 2005, he and "another person" used drugs to numb women with whom he wanted to have sex. Among Cosby's sleaze, there was to pay $ 3.4 million to settle a sexual abuse lawsuit.

Lawyer Gloria Allred, who represented some of the women who accused Cosby, after the verdict knows that America is experiencing a boom moment and that now more than ever women have the strength to take powerful stalkers behind bars.

Bill Cosby worked on several TV shows, such as The Tonight Show, and starred a NBC special annual program. In 1969 The Bill Cosby Show was launched, an audience event for the time. He also received recognition for his work by the then President George W. Bush who distinguished him with the Medal of Freedom.