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Monday, May 28, 2018

The Red giant is once again against America

Por qubano22005

The United States continues to be increasingly isolated and, despite the fact that Donald Trump intends a rapprochement with Russia, the constant restrictions under American First's policy restrict the possibility of a successful approaching between the two countries. The Russian parliament on Tuesday adopted a comprehensive bill that could freeze crucial exports to the US market and imports from the United States and other countries. The Russian Duma (Lower House) has drafted a set of measures to respond to the recent sanctions imposed by the United States on Moscow. The document stipulates a group of restrictions for US companies based in Russia.

The draft submitted by the Russian legislators invests the president with the power to "prohibit or suspend cooperation with a hostile state" as well as forbidding the imports of goods from nations that support these intentions.

A similar project was signed a few days ago by the Duma. This imposes to punish up to four years in prison those who try to apply foreign measures in Russia. With this law, the Eurasian nation compels foreign companies to serve Russian companies and citizens sanctioned by the US and other countries.

The project surveys the possible reactions that the US government will have after implementation of these measures. According to Duma’s spokespersons, the original proposal dealt with specific restrictions on US imports. In addition, the export of crucial products such as titanium was limited. The Russian legislators will use the "heavy weaponry" if the United States responds by confronting this package of sanctions.

For Russia, cordial relations are impossible through the language of sanctions imposed by Donald Trump. However, Moscow's response does not necessarily imply a renunciation of dialogue with its counterpart. The Russian Foreign Ministry urged Washington to hold talks.

Russia, like China and the European Union, is seeking to defend itself against the protectionism that the new US administration is implementing as a global policy. In a statement, the Russian lower house said: "It is fundamental for us to defend our economy, it is obvious the need to respond to the hostile actions of the United States and other countries".

Early last month Washington imposed penalties and limits on several Russian citizens and companies. The action of the White House aimed to decimate the Russian economy and, indeed, the ruble’s value fell drastically. US penalties and tariffs almost bankrupt the Russian aluminum producer Rusal.

Moscow believes the Americans try unfair competition by favoring their companies with unnecessary measures, an action that destabilizes the world market. The Kremlin after the US imposed restricting on 38 Russian businessmen said: "Washington (...) forgets that the requisitioning of private property and others’ money is called theft."

An average of more than 50 measures against the Russian economy has been set by the White House and, so far, they have been useless. The United States has only shown its diplomatic inability to stop Moscow, in addition to demonstrating the ineptitude of the current administration to deal with foreign policy issues and take advantage of them.

The use of force and aggressive language reflects the ego of the current American president defeated in the economic fronts he has faced.