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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Trump, a Violence Nobel Peace Prize

Por qubano22005

Definitely the world has gone mad or at least human rationality flew somewhere unknown. Donald Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. I find it somehow irrational, so absurd. I imagine that the Norwegian committee would also be speechless after receiving the letter sent from the United States of America.

In addition to Moon Jae, president of South Korea, eighteen American congressmen from the Republican Party have proposed him for the award. The main merit for which Donald Trump’s coreligionists have proposed him is his effort in the denuclearization of North Korea, a conflict that began 68 years ago.

The argument could be quite forceful, but it would be necessary to analyze other aspects in which the president is involved and that it would make impossible for someone with his record to be awarded the Noble, at least within rationality. Although it is known that the Oslo people lose common sense from time to time, the saddest thing is that they put someone like Trump on the same level of other people who really have done for world peace and the human being, in a general sense.

Why cannot Donald Trump be a Nobel Peace Prize winner? Let’s start recalling: upon arriving at the presidency of the United States far from demanding the cessation of US actions in Iraq and Afghanistan, Trump told the press that he would continue sending troops to ensure "democracy" in those countries. Curiously, those nations had peace before the democracy “friends” arrived with their troops and irrupted with violence into the lands of the Middle East.

In the letter sent to the Oslo committee, it reads: "Since arriving in the White House, President Trump has worked tirelessly to crest maximum pressure on North Korea with the goal of ending its illicit nuclear program and bringing peace to the country". This is not a lie neither the two missile attacks that Donald Trump has executed against Syria, the last without even having the authorization of the US legislators. After all, the bombs dropped by American planes kill Syrian and not American civilians.

But this has not prevented the Republican Congressmen from claiming the prize for Donald Trump; on the contrary, they have done it officially. In fact, they delayed a lot. The logic facts indicated that. In the injustice record of the Nobel Academy is to bless Yankee presidents with the award, as absolution or to improve their positions.

I have always thought that is totally wrong and out of the mind to grant a president of that nation the peace prize. There are very simple reasons: The United States of America is the most belligerent country in the world. This nation exercises its domain and control throughout the world with military bases and agents in all regions of the planet. Therefore, if a US president were granted with a Nobel Peace Prize, he should be the one who eliminates the interference of his army in other territories of the world.

At home Donald Trump has committed assaults on the name of peace and democracy, two banners he says he defends to the most. His administration has been immersed into several scandals, many of them related to racism. Since he seized power far from maintaining peace in his own territory he has fostered divisionism and segregation among his citizens. Racist groups have strengthened with their inauguration and violence on the streets has been a common point in his agenda. I suppose legislators do not watch the news and that they did not witness the death of young girl Heather Mayer, who died after being run over by a supremacist group member.

Besides, a Nobel for someone on whom scandals of misogyny and lack of morals weigh, it’s disrespectful. I believe a Nobel winner must be an ethical person, restrained, but above all, not to show contempt towards human beings. Donald Trump rejects anyone who is not an American Aryan. It’s beyond my imagination the New York millionaire hugging the pariahs of India, or carrying the children victims of African internal conflicts. In Puerto Rico, he only managed to launch toilet paper to the population. Is Donald the proposal of the North American Congress? Really?

Donald Trump, the probable and strongest Nobel candidate, is the same person who in his country has decided to eliminate DACA, the program that gave protection to hundreds of emigrants in the United States who did not have any legal status. But, let's justify the president’s actions again and let's think: They should not have come. However, that would not be a strong argument to launch a crusade against emigrants in US territory, in the style of the SS’s Nazi Germany. Now the repressive body is ICE, which has not been reluctant to stop and separate entire families of emigrants, the very same organ of the Department of National Security that has requisitioned as retrievers undocumented labor centers. Donald Trump is the president who wants to build a wall on the border and, as he does not feel safe, deploy troops of the National Guard.

The Nobel candidate is in favor of gun possession. Dozens of students have died in the nation, but it does not matter, the NRA needs to gain millions and it suits him to continue obtaining the financial support of that lobby. "Donny", in case the members of the Nobel committee forget, is the same one who maintains hostilities with Russia and Iran, coincidentally two nuclear powers. He has not softened his rhetoric, while Russia and Iran try to seek dialogue.

If Donald Trump was really interested in peace, he would seek to maintain the agreement with Iran that is currently occupying headlines of the most important newspapers in the world. If he were interested in world concord he would not encourage the Venezuelan or Syrian opposition.

"To make war is to maintain peace," said a Roman emperor and apparently that’s the idea that the congressmen of the United States defend. If this’s true, then the Americans are then guarantors of peace in extremis.

It is paradoxical that the original Nobel idea has been buried by people sometimes unscrupulous and unethical that creeps into the interests of the most powerful one. Alfred Nobel thought more about humble and more sacrificed people like Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Rigoberta Menchú, Nelson Mandela and Shirin Ebadi. But life is an oxymoron and perhaps Donny becomes the fourth active president of the United States in obtaining it. Previously there were Theodore Roosevelt (1906), Woodrow Wilson (1919) and Barack Obama (2009).