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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

USA is left alone on Israel matter

Por MRod

Several countries yesterday rejected the brutality of Israel's attacks on the Palestinian border in Gaza. However, the United States blocked a Council statement calling for an independent team to investigate what had happened. No matter what the world thinks, US officials continue to defend Israel’s cause and pay no attention to what the rest of the countries have to say.

Washington was again news on Monday with the opening of its embassy in Jerusalem. According to La Vanguardia, Ambassador Nikki Haley felt yesterday in the Security Council the loneliness that only a few weeks ago the Russian representative experienced.

Nikki Haley had to listen to how all the countries charged against the government of his ally Benjamin Netanyahu and, incidentally, did not hide the recrimination of his "boss", Donald Trump, for skipping all the agreements regarding the future of the holy city, always linked to a negotiation between the two protagonists.

It is known that the inauguration party was bloodied on Monday by the death of at least 59 Palestinians - including eight children - and more than 2,700 injured as a result of the Israeli armed repression. "Those who suggest that violence in Gaza has something to do with the location of the US embassy are extremely wrong," Haley replied to the Security Council. Repeating the official version of the White House, she blamed the tragedy on Hamas, a group that uses women and children as shields in their alleged peaceful demonstrations and assured that Israel has shown a lot of temperances. Yes, you are reading it all well.

"Who among us would accept this type of activity on their border? No country in this room would act with more restraint than Israel," she said. "The Security Council expresses its indignation and pain for the death of Palestinian civilians by exercising their right to protest peacefully," says the draft text circulated by the French mission. "We ask for an independent and transparent investigation of these actions so that justice is done to those responsible," it adds.

However, it is not a secret that the USA has used its right to veto on 43 occasions to protect Israel and its cause. Michael Lynk, UN special rapporteur on human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories, said on Tuesday that Israel's action could represent a war crime. "The blatant excessive use of force by Israel (...) must end and there must be true accountability for those in the Army and the political leaders who have ordered or allowed this force to be used again in the siege of Gaza, "Lynk stressed in Geneva.

The critical voices were reiterated, with special emphasis against Israel. The French ambassador, François Delattre, summed up the general feeling: "Israel had an inadequate and disproportionate response". The truth is that the country ruled by Donald Trump was left alone while defending Israel. Not that it seems to care.