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Thursday, May 3, 2018

West loves controversial phrases

Por Rory

The singer-songwriter, Kanye West, is accustomed to being involved in controversy because of his way of expressing himself. Between being married to Kim Kardashian, his music and his latest support for Donald Trump, his followers are disappointed in him. Now, he gave them one more reason.

During an interview with TMZ, Kanye gave his opinion on slavery, an issue that his ancestors lived. He surprised the world once again for his way of thinking. There is no day, since the imminent release of his new recordings was known, in which the rapper Kanye West releases one of his verbal "pearls" that so outrage the fans, although to him, apparently, they provide him with great revenues in terms of visibility.

The last one took place this Tuesday, during an interview for the portal «TMZ», in which he says that slavery was an «election». "One hears that slavery lasted four hundred years. Four hundred years? It seems like a choice," proclaimed Kim Kardashian's husband in Chicago. Would Donald Trump himself, whom Kanye West so admires, have arrived so far away? What is clear is that the musician, in his eagerness to self-publish, is pulling so much of the string that he could lose the game. At the moment, it has already left 10 million followers on Twitter, of the more than 27 it had, after proclaiming his "admiration" for Trump, while wearing a cap in which he alluded to the president. West does not seem to mind sacrificing a part of his own to win the favors of an ultraconservative audience that until now saw him only as a picturesque type of Hollywood.

During the same and controversial interview with "TMZ", Kanye West confirmed his support for his "brother" Donald Trump, whom he considers to be "a dragon energy", a qualifier that he normally reserves for himself. The artist, 40 years old and married to model and celebrity Kim Kardashian, said the president "is one of the favorite people of rappers." He said he admires him for his "ability to do what everyone says he cannot do. Doing the impossible." The president, who usually ignores the famous people if not to throw any of his hints, replied: "Thank you, Kanye. Great!” And abounding in the issue of slavery, the husband of Kim Kardashian sentenced that "we are in a mental prison. I like the word "prison" because "slaves" is too attached to blacks". After the stream of criticism of his controversial speech, West wrote on Twitter that "I know of course that the slaves were not chained and embarked because they wanted to." He added: "We cannot remain mentally prisoners for the next 400 years." In his opinion, on the other hand, he has been "attacked once again for presenting new ideas". The civil rights group NAACP has spoken on the matter, through the same social network, arguing that "there is a lot of misinformation and we would be happy to provide it. Black people have had to fight against slavery since the first time they came to this continent. "

West also told TMZ journalists that "right now we are choosing to be enslaved," prompting an angry response from one of the company's black members, reporter Van Lathan. Lathan said the rapper's comments seemed to be made with "the absence of thought." "You have the right to believe what you want, but there are facts and real consequences to everything you just said," he told West. "We have to deal with the marginalization that comes from the 400 years of slavery that you have said that for our people was an option," Lathan said, adding: "I am horrified, and brother, I am incredibly hurt because you have become something which is not real to me. "

During the interview with «TMZ», Kim Kardashian's husband also referred to a psychotic episode that he suffered in 2016, after which he ended up bedridden in a psychiatric hospital in Los Angeles. According to his story, "I was drugged with opiates after painful liposuction. I submitted to it because I did not want to be called fat." Apparently, that episode created an addiction that led to the aforementioned psychotic outbreak. Since its reappearance on Twitter after two years of silence, Kanye West has launched a score of "tweets" on politics, philosophy and fashion that have burned down the social network.

His comments have caused a great controversy in social networks. Several Twitter users have suggested that the rapper "should review the history books." The controversy comes just days after the release of his new single, in which the rapper defends his support for Trump. According to West, the president "is fighting for the people". The song, titled "Ye vs. The People", has caused a stir among rappers. Some, like Snoop Dogg, have apparently been offended by its content. In a radio interview that has come out this week, West has also admitted to continuing to be hurt by Barack Obama's comment at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. The then Democratic president treated him as "rough" for interrupting the ceremony when Taylor Swift was going to be awarded to claim that the award be given to Beyoncé. Obama never called him to apologize, lamented the rapper.