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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

An island called Donald Trump

Por qubano22005

Donald Trump does not care about his allies; he does not care to keep isolating himself. The president of the United States of America is only concerned with the interests of his nation and, of course, that everyone abides by his will. The recently concluded G-7 Summit showed that Americans’ allies can isolate if Donald Trump continues with his despotic and hegemonic attitude. Furious that the other presidents offered a version of the act different from his, Donald Trump stepped back from the agreements he signed; he described as "dishonest and weak" the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, for his statements to media, while announced tariffs for import vehicles.

The attitude and the claim of Donald Trump disconcerted everyone, which increased the tension between the United States and the rest of the G7 member countries that came to Canada to discuss a series of points on the global economic and political agenda. What happened there was already foreseen. Macron had marked with his thumbs Trump's hand, the irrefutable proof that Europe would take charge, as it was indeed.

The old continent’s countries were reluctant to slacken before the Americans representatives, who on this occasion thought once again they could impose their leading. The approved joint declaration clearly caused heated Twits between Europeans and Americans. Donald Trump and his considered the joint communiqué signed in Canada an insult.

Why Trump did not stop his offensive comments directed to Trudeau and the rest of participants?

Simply because there is an issue that bothers the United States: tariffs. Trump intends to impose Washington's will over others: America First. Donald dared to pressure the rest of the G7 members and urged them to eliminate all tariffs, trade barriers and subsidies in their business practices.

His own former adviser, Steve Bannon, said to the press that the president of the United States intends to "submit the industrial democracies to his will". He also said the president will not even give in to the complaints of the allies to achieve his goal of America First.

Nothing else fits within this protectionist policy that on one hand benefits American citizens, but on the other affects global economic. In fact the US president strongly believes they have abused of the United States on global trade ground and said everybody robbed from them and that must be stopped right away.

Canada has been one of the nations that counterattacked the American position. "The US rates are a little insulting," the Canadian prime minister told reporters, a statement that the US president took as the dagger of treason, and accused Justin Trudeau of being a coward.

Justin Trudeau, like the rest of the presidents, signed the statement that targets the tariffs set by Americans; even the United Kingdom, the most loyal of allies whose commercial MO is similar to the United States’, has also firmly defended the European interests. Theresa May, said to EFE, said her country was committed to the agreement signed during the summit.

Trudeau, like Macron and Angela Merkel, opposes the tariff measures on aluminum and steel. Canadian and French presidents do not believe that steel and aluminum imports from Canada and the EU are a "threat to US security" as Trump claimed to approve tariffs without consulting Congress.

But the United States is alone and Trump's irrational decisions have led the rest of the nations to isolate him and not fear the Trump’s threats from Twitter. The American president has not been able to deal with the idea of his allies aligning against him. In addition to recanting the signing from the agreement of Summit, the White House counselor on trade, Peter Navarro, explained that "there is a place in hell for any foreign president that practice diplomacy with bad faith with Donald Trump."

Apparently, US diplomacy is being handled by Trump’s attacks of rage and personal tantrums. His New-York-tycoon bigotry gave him the appearance of having an edge in meetings with other heads of diplomacy and dignitaries. Trump makes personal the sovereign decisions of the countries to defend as well their economies without impositions or orders from Washington.

The president of France, Emmanuel Macron, has said that diplomacy cannot be dictated by attacks of rage.

A positive outcome of this Summit is that the United States has been destabilized and that its diplomacy will have to reinvent itself if they want the support of the rest of the allied powers. Evidently, G7 rejected protectionism and advocates to find a solution to trade disputes through legal channels.

Time will say if Donald Trump has enough wit and the right advisors to take measures to revert their isolation from the rest of the world, something that will hardly happen if he continues to believe that running a country and a personal business is the same thing.