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Monday, June 11, 2018

Another patch to Facebook’s news contents

Por dbloggers

Facebook wants to fight fake news and will do it in the best way, financing original news programs of ABC, CNN and Mic. The Californian Company has made the decision as part of a long list of reforms it has carried out, especially to eliminate its "tendencies" section, one of the causal agents of false news, to make room for what they consider "informative" and "reliable" news. In addition to the so-called trends another phenomenon that proliferates in the social network are the so-called hooks, through which media draws users’ attention. In the current summer period Facebook will begin the transmission of paid programs, but until now the amount to pay for the rights is unknown.

According to the head of Facebook news agreements, Campbell Brown, the programs will appear in Facebook's Watch video section and will be exclusive and original for the social network. Facebook’s initiative joins to the multiple platforms that are investing money in authentic TV programs. For a long time Facebook relied on videos produced by users, just as it happens in YouTube.

And although Facebook is not Netflix, it was learned that the eight news programs that will be broadcast on Facebook Watch were financed by the social network. Official sources of Facebook told the press that four of these programs will be newscasts produced by ABC, CNN, Fox News and Univisión, the latter in Spanish while "Anderson Cooper Full Circle" will be hosted by CNN star presenter Anderson Cooper. It was also reported that ABC will propose special media coverage.

Facebook's plan to eliminate fake news is part of a great strategy that not only seeks to eradicate these in the networks, but also to increase the number of TV users to face the growing decline that exists in cable television customers in the U.S. Recall that some time ago, YouTube signed an agreement to broadcast the NBA Finals and other sporting events of great audience.

The CNN TV network itself has not hidden its true intentions and has been enthusiastic about this new access road to the American public. Andrew Morse, head of digital content at CNN, told the media that Facebook is ready to give value to content and quality journalism. "That is why we are optimistic about future income opportunities", he concluded.

Another of the agreements that are being handled by Mark Zuckenberg's company is the use of the Advance Local platform, by Alabama Media Group publisher, which will propose a version of its "Chasing Corruptions" program to publish research journalism articles.

Facebook has spared no resources to combat the spread of fake news and malicious pages, many of which have had a negative effect as the ones created during the 2016 election campaign in the United States. It is expected that this measure will reduce fake news by up to 80 percent.

The most popular social network in the world has been strong criticized by media and governments of several countries, mainly European, for becoming an ideal platform to spread of fake news, a fact that has even used by the Pentagon itself for the development of the cyber war and the manipulation of public opinion states.

France has been one of the uncomfortable countries with Facebook's fake news. Emmanuel Macron announced a law to control, limit and punish the spread of these on Internet. Meanwhile, the government of Theresa May, in the United Kingdom, will create a specialized unit to combat misinformation while Germany has threatened to fine up to 50 million euros if it refuses to eliminate illegal publications.

Samidh Chakrabarti, responsible for Facebook's civic collaboration product, recently admitted that the social network has had "social repercussions that were never anticipated". Even members of Silicon Valley have criticized Mark's company for its implications in the reproduction of fake news.

Since the Arab Spring, they had already forecasted the impact of social networks in the political and democratic movements of several nations, only that the boomerang had not yet turned and hit who threw it. It is what has happened. Katie Harbath, who heads the Facebook team that establishes relations with governments around the world, wrote: “(...) social networks seemed positive, but the last presidential campaign in the United States changed that.”

It's very clear. Side effects can happen in other countries but not in the United States. The CEO of Facebook has been "required" by the government since his creation is responsible for corroding American democracy. Perhaps for this reason there is now more concern than ever to stop fake news and the social network is changing its policy of publishing news content and developing this kind of strategy that will only be a patch in the great gap that already exists.