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Friday, June 1, 2018

Too much curry for the King's future dinner

Por qubano22005

Again, Cavs and Golden State Warriors will face each other in the final. When everything seemed that the Houston Rockets, after a long absence in the finals, would return to dispute the title, the galactic Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant ended up with the dreams of “Beard” Harden and Chris Paul to win the trophy. The sonic attacks of the Warriors deactivated in the third and fourth period some Rockets that without Chris Paul were sustainably diminished and that Harden could not carry on his shoulders. As expected, the big favorites from the start of the season will play for the title again.

Perhaps because of the crested pressure or lack of success in the last game the Rockets could not capitalize most of their attempts from the three-point line that could make the difference in the match. The Houston team only hit 7 rockets of 44 from the three-point shuttle. Harden barely hit the target twice with 13 shots, while Eric Gordon did the same out of 12.

On the other hand, Curry spiced the ball from the three-point once again and in the third and fourth times, the bombings fell on Houston. The star finished with 27 points and scored 14 of the Golden State's 33 points in the third quarter. In the meanwhile, Durant scored 34 points. A master class of good basketball and how playoffs should be played allowed turning the final score and the differences of the first and second quarters were erased in a dream third for the Golden State.

As predicted, the tactical-technical approach for the two sets was quite similar. Three-point shots and an iron defense would be the elements, at least numerical and strategic, that both teams showed as main strengths. But the human factor gives the extra to the teams. The Warriors had Stephen Curry, who became the leader each time he steps on the court, while Houston had Chris Paul, whom an injury made him watch the game from the bench, wishing to be on the field to impose respect.

Even Harden himself admitted that the team did not have that extra they needed. Chris Paul's absence was not the only thing they missed. There were a lot of shot’s mistakes by Houston. The pressure to be at a final, and why not, of playing without Paul, diminished the Rockets that did not cause the expected damage with their attacks. You can no longer make firewood from the fallen tree.

A new page, but with similar protagonists, will be written on Thursday. Two very different ways to play will face again: Warriors with a lot of Curry, and Knights with a King, a bloody battlefield. Both teams are exhausted; Lebron James’ Cavs have suffered in these playoffs and against the Boston Celtics they had to work their shirts out too much to win their Conference.

In addition, the Cavs lay on “King” James, a player who is extremely tired. Lebron has shown weary signs, a fatigue that will increase during the finals against the Warriors. On the other hand, Kevin Love will be out and Tristan Thompson definitely is not Kevin Durant.

Meanwhile, Curry has recovered satisfactorily from his lesson. As the big final day gets close, the flavor of the Warriors' curry becomes more intense and the three-point shots are greater. Unlike the Cavs, the Golden State Warriors have several generals in the court such as Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. Their swift and surprising attacks, as well as their shot accuracy from long and medium distance, will cause havoc in the defense of the Cavaliers who will depend almost entirely on James.

Durant is still inspired and to maintain a good defense, the Cavs will not have many options. But a final is a final and although Lebron may be exhausted, he still has a lot of power left and will want a rematch against Curry who surely will not give the crown to the King.