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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Trump considers emigrants as invaders

Por qubano22005

If one day we learned that Donald Trump stationed rockets towards the border and opened fire against the emigrants who try to get through it, we should not be surprised. Donald Trump this time called emigrants "invaders" trying to reach US territory. The US head of state does not know how to manage the serious migratory crisis that is happening. As an ultimatum, Trump decided the immediate deportation of the "invaders" without the determination of a judge. "We cannot allow all these people to invade our country. Our system is a mockery of good immigration policies and law and order", he posted on his way to his private golf club in Virginia.

The statements were quickly repelled by the American Civil Liberties Union, which deemed them illegal and in violation of the Constitution that the White House’s tenant himself swore on.

In this contrast of criteria there is the Congress of the United States that is debating to take an accurate measure to stop the access of emigrants. On the one hand, there are conservative politicians like Donald Trump who consider emigrants an "infection" spreading throughout the United States, and on the other hand there are the moderates who want a viable solution for both parties.

However, Donald Trump does not hide the racist and xenophobic bias of his statements that are a reflection of his point of view on emigration. "Immigration must base on merit, we need people to help the United States grow big again!", he has said in more than one occasion.

What does Donny mean? Definitely he is talking about Norwegian, Finnish, German, European emigrants; in general, those who by their high qualification can push the United States’ development forward. He longs to continue with the intellectual theft started long before the Second World War and that has continued to this day.

The Americans continue appealing again and again to the capture of "intellect". Trump's selection is based on choosing those that have more possibilities in the American scientific and research fields and, that's fine but it is not right to discriminate against those who, because of political conflicts in their countries, seek in the "land of freedom" better opportunities to feed their families. He has no constitutional right to mistreat these people nor to send them back without a prior trial in which his deportation is estimated.

Omar Jadwat, director of the ACLU's Immigrant Rights Project, says that "what President Trump suggests is illegal and unconstitutional. Any official who has sworn to defend the Constitution and the laws should reject that position unequivocally", he told AP.

The US leader continues to demonize low-income Latin American emigration as he did earlier during his campaign. It has not been enough to say that they are animals nor has he hesitated to stigmatize them as rapists or traffickers, now they are also invaders, an extremely dangerous adjective since sometimes American have led atrocious acts under the name of patriotism. Donald Trump is steeping American public opinion toward totalitarianism and autocracy. Hi is getting increasingly similar to Adolf Hitler and to the concepts he defended in his dull book Main Kampft.

His anti-immigration position was a central part of his presidential campaign and he has proposed strict policies since he assumed the US presidency. Did not Hitler do the same with the Jews? As if that were not enough, Trump has criticized immigration judges for weeks, has exaggerated the current number of cases attended and states that it is unnecessary to hire more judges, as some members of Congress have proposed. Ironically, he is pretending to make his co-religionists see that it is the correct and winning position for the legislative elections.

However, Trump’s publications on Twitter are increasingly wrong and have Republicans about to have a nervous breakdown since it is possible that their efforts to reach a beneficial migratory project are undermined by the president himself.

Donald Trump is a leader who, far from seeking unity, sows confusion and bewilderment. Last week at a private meeting with Republican members of the House of Representatives he said he supported his migratory project "1,000%". Days later, he gives an accolade and twitted "Republicans should stop wasting their time on immigration." Clearly, Donny is confident of winning the upcoming legislative elections, which will ensure the approval of stricter anti-migration laws.

It could be a valid strategy but, what about the rest of the nation's voters? Will the Democrats stay arms-crossed? Does Trump think that American voters are not suffering from the families’ separation at the Mexican border?

Greg Walden himself, Republican of the Lower Chamber, told the press that the idea of the president was uncertain. "I think the best way to pass a bill is to systematically endorse a position and help push it forward", Walden said. If there is an irrefutable truth about Trump's management, it is that an immediate agreement must be reached, because we already know that he takes justice into his own hands and will end up stationing the rockets to "end" the migratory "threat".