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Friday, June 22, 2018

Trump, the United States Fürer against emigration

Por qubano22005

The border wall with Mexico, the ICE cresting pressure one everyone, the attacks against the sanctuary states, the elimination of DACA and now the separation of families in the border are part of the immigration policy that US President Donald Trump is carrying out to stop the migratory flow towards his nation that will continue to grow despite all the measures of repression and control that are being implemented. The president has made his stand clear to be firm against emigration and even several of his advisers say the policy will be beneficial before the midterm elections, which they consider will be the reference on the functioning of Trump’s protectionist policies.

"American First" was Donald’s campaign slogan and now is his political guideline, not only on the issue of migration, but also on other issues of his administration's agenda that, among other battles, wages the commercial war with China.

Donald Trump is a determined and stubborn man; perhaps this is his secret as a successful entrepreneur but politics are something else. Some of his statements may become tyrannical or totalitarian regimes’ declarations.

"You must defend something", he said recently about his position regarding emigration as a response to the wave of criticism that has come over him due to growing complaints about the separation of migrant families at the border between Mexico and the United States. The US head of the state is deaf to the suggestions of his co-religionists who fear a failure in the mid-term elections to take place next November.

On the other hand, Democrats have not stopped harassing him and joining activists who want the end of Trump's immigration policy and the splitting of migrant families. Yet, the New York mogul wants to implant fear and coercion. According to Trump, "This is what will happen" seems to refer to the actions of the ICE agents in the border and the measures that are being implemented.

Without being an expert to know that this would come. Evidently, the head of state is a staunch xenophobe that qualifies all Latin American emigrants as thieves, drug dealers and rapists. He has even come to compare Latino emigrants as animals. Trump has used an iron fist regarding emigration and considers correct to project toughness against immigration. He himself has argued that sticking to his policies is a winning strategy.

Although the White House’s tenant believes that his immigration policy led him to win the presidency, there is an increasingly number of complaints that try to reach an agreement beneficial to all parties. However, he has not failed to dismiss the proposals of the Democrats and has even attacked them. "They cannot win with their policies, which are horrible." "They found it out in the last presidential elections", he recently tweeted.

However, Trump's advisors support his position. One of them, Bill Stepien, said to the press "it's amazing how many people are surprised that he keeps the promises he made during the campaign".

Several analysts and journalists specialized on immigration policy and the United States believe that it will be impossible to set an agreement especially when the president is consistent with his anti-immigration policy that defends despite all the opposing winds. He has also showed resistance to requests to revoke the separation policy and said that the change must have the Congress’ approval.

The migration crisis on the border between the United States and Mexico is paradoxically caused by the Latin America’s instability caused precisely by Washington’s government.

If until a few years ago the left governments had controlled the situation today the all has changed. Nicaragua, Venezuela, Ecuador and Brazil are no longer safe countries for their citizens seeking relief from their hardships in the "Land of Freedom". It’s known the White House supports the opponents of those countries, a fact that has brought violence and terror.

Meanwhile, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador have been victims of the national oligarchies at the service of American multinationals. Their governments have not done more than serve the different Yankee administrations, leaving the population at the mercy of gangs and paramilitary groups (as in Colombia).

The neophyte in politics Donald Trump ignored this and is worried about the infestation of members of the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13 by its acronym) gang in his country. According to Wikipedia, MS-13 created in Los Angeles has expanded to other regions of the United States, Canada, Mexico and Central America. Initially MS-13 started to protect Salvadoran emigrants during the civil war in that nation in which the United States had a broad participation. At that time government army officers received training in US military centers such as the School of the Americas, backed up by the governments of Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and George H. Bush.