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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Chicago mayor prepares ark to save the state’s economy

Por dbloggers

Chicago wants to come out of the trade war in which Washington and Beijing have engaged, an all-out war that is affecting most of the nation's states, many of which saw in China a credible creditor to undertake their state development projects. This time, the mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, has been entrusted to the Chinese and recently met with Vice President of that nation and the Minister of Commerce to consolidate an agreement for more than $ 1 trillion guaranteeing rail wagons to the state. Rahm Emanuel said that the Chinese authorities trust in the state will survival this commercial dispute.

The meeting with the wagon manufacturer that will be located in Chicago helped the Mayor to consolidate his commitment to finish the project. Press sources confirmed that so far the factory in charge of the wagons will be concluded despite the commercial conflict. It was also known that Chicago employees will travel to China to be trained.

"We do not want our relationships to be influenced by the winds of trade and tariff wars", said Emanuel. The Mayor added that he had not planned the meeting with Wang Qishan, an adviser to President Xi Jinping with high influence in the Chinese government.

In his ark, Rahm hopes to protect the city of 3 million people from the economic tsunami that could wipe out Chicago if the Chinese respond to the punishments of Donald Trump. The Democratic mayor predicts that the state economies will badly be affected as a result of the dispute. The confrontation between both governments amounts to billions of dollars in assets. Washington's latest tariff penalties reached 25% on Chinese goods worth 34 billion dollars. Beijing fired back in a similar way.

The chancellery of the Asian giant once again highlighted that its country will take strong and hard measures if the stubbornness of President Donald Trump to sustain a senseless trade war, which even appeals to anti-trade practices and protectionism, continues.

The conflict initiated by the United States due to the alleged transfer and theft of technology by Chinese companies, was the justification found by the president to start the imposition of tariffs on Asian products that has affected even his European allies, as well as Canada and Mexico.

It is speculated that a new series of tariff increases on Chinese goods is being prepared by the American head of state. Facing the hard winds to come the Chicago mayor is getting his ark done and already proposed to the Chinese to continue the business and express their disagreement with the measures. Most of the American population will be affected because several products of their daily consumption come from the Asian nation. In a new phase of the commercial war, American consumers will have to pay more for consumer goods that until now had not been affected by the tariffs.

Although the American economy had not been impacted by the new round of tariffs, which implies impositions on products and consumer goods, the impact of the commercial war will be felt in American families. It could also have significant political consequences and several federal governments could also take measures to save their economies.

"The average consumer has not internalized what the tariffs mean to them and they have not seen prices go up", said Rod Sides, US retail leader at Deloitte. Therefore, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has made a strategic and intelligent move, as the installation of the wagon factory will progress, about 200 new jobs will be available for the inhabitants of the city. In addition, airport charges would generate large revenues from trade with China.

Rahm Emanuel’s action is not isolated. Several mayors and governors, as well as entrepreneurs of technological and business giants of the United States fear that Trump's tireless push with China will contaminate commercial relations with the second most powerful economy in the world. China sees itself as the world leader economy, a fact that Donald wants to stop. His vision of entrepreneur has glimpsed this reality and from his position of U.S. president wants to break with steel brakes the Chinese economic development.

Emanuel told AP that he sees the Chinese quite confident. "Obviously, they wanted to convey that this is not what they like. They prefer a negotiated solution, but it does not scare them if this continues along the same path", a criterion shared by many Chinese entrepreneurs and business managers.

Steven Leung, sales manager of L.Doctor-School Furniture, leader in the manufacture of school furniture in China, trusts that his government has the means and resources necessary to win the commercial battle with the United States.

As is happening with other industries, school furniture one in the United States is being affected due to the costs of steel and aluminum. Chinese companies such as L.Doctor-School Furniture have guaranteed the Asian market, and glimpse the Latin American market as profitable. Its competitive products, high quality and good design have been positioned in countries such as the Dominican Republic and Peru.

Trump is throwing a rope around his neck while Chicago barricades itself to withstand the Chinese attack. Before Christmas, Americans are likely to see the consequences of having an inept Donald Trump responsible of the destiny of their country.