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Friday, July 20, 2018

Donald Trump continues his downfall in American politics

Por dbloggers

Donald Trump continues his downfall in American politics. His contradictory and unpredictable statements and positions generate confusion among his allies, but also among his political enemies. A new event is added to the list of innumerable nonsense actions that threaten the very interests of the American nation. This time it was the meeting in Finland where Vladimir Putin spoke with his counterpart. It was predicted that the meeting with the Russian president would be a discussion table on the Russian collusion issue and to warn the Eurasian country not to collude in the US elections again, but the matter was relegated.

Beyond his America First the New York billionaire works under the motto of "Trump First", which is why he ignores the warnings of the federal agencies in charge of national security. In a clear message to Robert Mueller, the president declared that relations with Russia had worsened due to the witch hunt that was being carried out by the Department of Justice.

Trump in front of the international community that was attentive to his speech, self-victimized as the main subject of a plot that seeks his replacement. He also seized the opportunity to accuse the Democrats and some members of Congress and the Senate as the main cause of the deterioration of relations with Moscow.

"Our relationship with Russia has NEVER been worse thanks to many years of stupidity and now a rigged witch hunt," said Trump in Helsinki to several media outlets. This is not the first time that the American head of state complains about the investigation that is being held by the Justice Department and that began with the investigations of James Comey, ex - Director of the FBI. After Comey’s dismissal by Trump himself, Robert Mueller was assigned as Special Counsel to reveal the truth about the 2016 elections, a fact that has been the stone in the Donald's shoes and that has become his all-out war inside the domestic politics.

Trump's statements to the international media in the framework of the summit could be considered a betrayal for American public opinion but also for the American intelligence service community, another proof that Donald Trump does not respect the intelligence organs of his country nor any other representative of the law in the United States.

James Comey had already warned it in his book about Trump. The ex-FBI at the time described Trump as an unethical person and incapacitated to direct the political destinies of the United States. But it is more striking that "Donny" casts aside American institutions, he has no respect for anything, it’s always "Trump First".

Experts in American politics say that Trump's position on Putin could embolden the Russians, and therefore, the Eurasians will continue to plot against the America.

Sen. John McCain, an outspoken critic of Trump, called the America president's performance "deplorable". "It is one of the most deplorable actions of a US president that that can be recalled", said McCain.

Meanwhile, Trump co-religionists such as Paul Ryan, warned that the "president should thank Russia is not our ally", while Republican Representative Trey Gowdy said that "Russia is not our friend." Also several politicians showed confidence in their National Security Services to demonstrate the Russian involvement in the 2016 elections.

During his two-hour meeting with Putin in Helsinki, Trump hinted that there was no reason to doubt Putin's denials.

According to collaborators and political experts, Donald Trump's egomania casts a shadow on his reasoning about Russian meddling in elections. His airs make him deny any possibility of having been "helped" indirectly by the Russians. Even some members of his cabinet expose that the president considers any allusion to Russian interference as a diminution of his victory.

The meeting in Finland of Donald Trump with the Russians is an attempt to clean up the public image he possesses. In his dialogue with the Russian leader, he expressed his desire to reach an agreement on the nuclear arsenal possessed by both nations. He also talked on key issues such as Syria and the solution to the conflict.

These two points are currently the most controversial issues in international politics, so to show his concern for what the United States could do and he as leader of that nation would exonerate him from any execration as ruler.

However, the allied countries of the West criticized his silence on the subject of Ukraine and a firm stance on Syria, a matter of fact that won’t make Donny lose no sleep on that because is always "Trump First".