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Monday, July 2, 2018

Hate against journalists in The Capital

Por dbloggers

Jarrod W. Ramos entered armed with a grenade and a shotgun. Terror began in the newsroom when it broke into the offices of The Capital Gazette in Annapolis. All ran terrified. Any place served as a refuge, while the shots made the attacker's footsteps more terrifying by the writing of the Maryland newspaper. Before the police arrived, four journalists and one employee were killed by the attacker. Statements by law enforcement officials illustrated that the suspect is a white person close to 40 years of age. Acting police Chief William Krampf of Anne Arundel County said the attack was specific, that is, the assailant "looked for his victims." Although no details were given about the assault, it was known that it was a premeditated attack.

Ramos is a graduate of computer engineering and worked for the Bureau of Labor Statistics for six years. His lawyer added that Ramos did not have a criminal record.

Among the victims are Rob Hiaasen, 59, deputy director and brother of novelist Carl Hiaasen; Gerald Fischman, editor of the editorial page; Wendi Winters, reportage reporter; John McNamara, reporter; and sales assistant Rebecca Smith. Two other employees were also injured but without risk to life.

A reporter from the police department identified as Phil Davis said that despite writing all the time about these types of events, it is indescribable when such situations are experienced. "As much as I try to write how traumatizing it is to hide under your own desk, you do not know until you are there and you feel helpless." As "a war zone" described in a twit Davis the events.

The police forces only needed sixty seconds to appear in the newsroom of The Capital Gazette that was terrified by the attacker. Around 170 people were evacuated during the minutes of the attack, stopped by the police without opening fire.

Despite the few details offered about the investigation by the authorities, it was revealed that the main reason for the attack was "revenge." The culprit identified as Jarrod Ramos, 38, who lost in 2015 a defamation lawsuit against the newspaper.

In 2012 Ramos pleaded guilty to a criminal case of harassment. The newspaper wrote the story about what happened based on documents and statements of one of the women harassed by Ramos. The lady told the newspaper that Jarrod seemed to have problems so she tried to help him. However, the supposed gratitude from Ramos became months of mail messages that were rude and vulgar words and even incited suicide.

The Capital in his article described that despite the communication ceased on the part of the victim; Ramos continued stalking her with more aggressive messages. However, the harasser tried to deny the newspaper arguments with a lawsuit accusing it of false and defamatory statements. But a judge dismissed the complaint because the plaintiff could not identify a single statement as false.

Tm Marquardt, retired editor, and editor-in-chief of the newspaper, told to The Capital Gazette that Ramos was active on social networks attacking the newspaper and its journalists. Marquardt testified that in 2013 he placed a restraining order against Ramos who threatened physical violence. The experienced editor explained that he also warned his wife about the subject who could do harm. The information coincides with that provided by Lieutenant Ryan Frashure, spokesperson for Anne Arundel County Police, who explained: "The shooting's author had some kind of personal vendetta against the Capital newspaper." It was also learned that Ramos had threatened the publication through social networks. In 2011, Capital Gazette reported Ramos as a stalker of women in social networks. But Jarred never felt comfortable with. His anger was accumulating all this time. However, some media accuse President Donald Trump of being the mastermind behind the shooting.

Media considers the president's recent statements as based hatred against media. He underlines as "false news media", America´s press system. These statements joined other criticisms of the executive and politicians. Several agencies reported that after these negative ratings the New York police increased security in most newsrooms in the cosmopolitan city.

The White House quickly expressed through its spokeswoman Lindsay Walters its opposition to this type of acts. "There is no place for violence, and that is what we stand for: violence cannot be tolerated in any way, regardless of who it is against," the spokeswoman said.

The newspaper is part of Capital Gazette Communications, which also publishes the Maryland Gazette and Belongs to The Baltimore Sun.