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Monday, September 3, 2018

Is ObamaCare going to be killed?

Por dbloggers

Donald Trump wants to erase all traces left by Barack Obama. His obsession to get rid of DACA plus his desire to ridicule ObamaCare have evidenced it; he has now set in motion the necessary conditions for insurers to sell short-term health plans, as a cheap alternative to the plan of Barack Obama, whose bonuses are too expensive for some users. However, among the main shortcomings of this new health plan is that they are not obliged to cover preexisting health problems and their benefits are limited. Clearly for a large sector of the American population this will be a problem.

Alex Azar himself, Secretary of Health of the United States commented the impossibility of obtaining individual policies of those users who need it. "For many of those with pre-existing conditions or other health problems, Obamacare plans could be the best option for them", he admitted to the Fox & Friends TV program.

The representative of the health portfolio warned that this was another option for American citizens. According to the statement issued to the press, the new health plans will last up to 12 months and can be renewed by another 36 ones. However, the federal government acknowledged that it will not guarantee the renewal of these plans.

According to official sources, the policies proposed by the Trump administration warn that they do not meet the requirements or safeguards of the Affordable Care Act popularly known as Obama Care.

Some experts analyze that the Trump government has created an option to undermine Obama Care given its failed attempts to eliminate the law of its predecessor. According to these analysts, the plan created by Trump offers options to those who, due to their income, can not obtain subsidies for Obama Care. The authorities themselves are hopeful that these plans will be more effective for citizens and thereby welcome them quickly.

Among the benefits of Trump's health coverage is the non-imposition of punitive taxes for those who chose short-term coverage instead of the global plan.

The new plan allows small businesses and those who are self-employed to buy low-cost health insurance policies similar to those of large employers.

Meanwhile, detractors, mainly Democrats, claim that these are "junk insurances" of which the clients use to distrust. For Obama and Hillary's party members, the move is the Republican's last effort to "sabotage" Americans' medical care.

Justine Handelman, from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, explained that "the greater availability and duration of reduced policies that do not provide ample coverage could harm consumers, both by increasing the prices of the broad coverage and making many consumers unaware of the risks of those policies."

Since last June, the administration of President Donald Trump had issued an order for Americans to buy health insurance plans that do not meet the coverage requirements implemented by the health reform of Barack Obama.

The Act Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act allows mandatorycoverage for a set of ten essential health benefits, such as maternityand newborn care, prescription drug costs and basic mental healthtreatment. This law requires a health plan for most non-coveredadults, either from their employers or sponsored by the government.Those who earn below four times the poverty line (US $ 92,200 a yearfor a family of four people) receive tax credits in order to subsidizethe payment of health insurance.