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Thursday, February 15, 2018

A Valentine's Day like Michael Kors

Por sumily

Kors has always been passionate about fashion from an early age. His mother thought he had to see that he was exposed from an early age to the fashion industry because of his mother's work. Kors, at age five, designed her mother's wedding dress for her second marriage. As a teenager, Kors began designing and selling his clothes at his parents' house, which he called the Iron Butterfly.His work has been rewarded several times. For example, in 1983, he received the DuPont's first American Original Award and, in 1997, he was awarded the CFDA-the 'Oscar' of fashion-as 'Designer of the Year'. In 2001, he returned to collect this award, although this time as 'Designer of Complements of the Year'.Among her clients are well-known personalities and faces from the world of entertainment such as Aerin Lauder, Sigourney Weaver, Julianne Moore or Gwyneth Paltrow, Daniela Kuntz, Ivelina Stefanova

Michael Kors does not want to be told how to dress, and he showed it in his select and colorful fall/winter 2018 collection, an ode to New York that combined Scottish with leopard, flowers and camouflage, skins and glitter. The 58-year-old designer wrote Twitter at the end of the parade in the bright lobby of the Beaumont Theater at Lincoln Center that this show was his Valentine's Day gift for people who love fashion.

His ode to personal style mixed for example a camouflage cloth pants with a black jacket with large red flowers and a red and black fedora hat with leopard black. There were many long black dresses, but with bright little colorful flowers; or for the night, one with sequins, tight and with a bareback; as well as large coats of yellow egg or coral skin, like the one that the oversized model Ashley Graham wore over a black dress with red flowers.

Kors, founder of the successful brand in 1981, added that the last thing people want is for someone to tell you what to wear, when to wear it and how to dress it. One must have the freedom to do what he wants, whenever he wants. To the rhythm of the music of "Sex and the City", "I feel pretty" of West Side Story or "My favorite things" by Julie Andrews, which closed the show, men and women paraded in front of celebrities such as Blake Lively, Zendaya, Eva Herzigova or Bella Hadid, the model of the moment, under the watchful eye of the fashion papisa Anna Wintour. The shoes were also more than varied: from hairy slippers to olive rain boots, high boots zebra or leopard, blue patent leather heels, platforms of the '70s, black boots or Oxford shoes in black and white. Kors wanted the show to be a love letter to New York, a city that is synonymous with its brand.

Even the pamphlet of the parade imitated a program of a Broadway play. Michael Kors, who bought luxury shoemaker Jimmy Choo last year, is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and is present in a hundred countries, with annual sales of 4.5 billion dollars.