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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Democrats beging for money

Por qubano22005

No doubts that Americans like to make money whatever the political or ideological circumstance is. This is the case of the Russiagate drama or scandal, I don´t know which adjective suits better to name this new make-money machine. Democrats are asking the modest amount of 300 millions of dollars to fight foreign interference and help American Intelligence Agencies against a possible future Russian election tampering. It looks like those Democrats are wide-spreading panic arguing Moscow is trying to influence the upcoming vote. Senate’s Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer and House of Representatives’ Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi asked the additional budget must be included in a government fund’s account.

The paranoia unleashed demonstrated Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. The possible use of the social networks by hackers to obstruct elections has been a good opportunity for several circles of politicians to spread fear about Moscow’s infiltration and, consequently, asking for more money, as shown in a letter sent to Mitch McConnell and House Speakperson’s Paul Ryan Schumer, signed by Pelosi, the Senate’s top Democrats and the House Appropriations’ Committees.

The letter explained that the request for additional funds responds to the possibility of a future influence and hostility by foreign actors that try to undermine American democracy operating in US territory through social media platforms. That’s old news since US president, Donald Trump has made declarations about the necessity to increase the Cyber Command’s national budget. In addition, some leaders of the US intelligence agencies warned a Senate committee last week that Russia is interfering 2018 midterm elections by using social media to spread propaganda as it happened in 2016. Russians are grabbing American democracy with social network.

According to some outlets, the capital increase will benefit the Homeland Security Department and the Election Assistance’s Commissions, at the time it will be used to work with state and local governments to strengthen the security of election infrastructure, and voters’ databases and voting machines. On the contrary, the first black president in the US history, Barack Obama, won his first election with a victory given by internet and social media. It seems that now the boomerang is returning back and it´s hitting America’s democracy, at least that’s the standing postures of senators.

Democrats wrote on the same letter the urge “to join us in vigorously combating efforts to sow discord in our country and support our state and local officials with the critical resources; it is a necessity to protect our election systems.”

It is ironic. They haven’t even demonstrated that neither the Kremlin had real implications nor the elections were tampered, and they are already asking for money and pointed the finger towards Moscow as responsible.There is no need to be an FBI agent to see the manipulation. Top chiefs manipulate the situation and want more money for espionage and to develop programs of social vigilance. It is not quite unusual the US government to spend money to spy their citizens. Snowden revealed a few years ago how several government unknown programs were used for that purpose.

I believe it is incongruous that some people can interfere with the electoral process of a country using ads or contradictory message through Social Media. If that is possible, I wonder what kind of political training has American citizens. Several years ago was overwhelming the theory that people do what media say. So, or Senate is overreacting or definitely, someone is requesting more money for a darker plan.

The requested aid demanded by Democrats was consulted with FBI leadership. Democrats have no missed the opportunity to appoint Republicans as negligent in front a foreign threat of election interference. Democrats also argue the issue has “a sense of urgency”.

Analyzing criteria from both sides, it is possible that one hand Democrats fear to lose middle-terms election, as happened during Presidential when apparently Hillary Clinton had all the chances to win, and finally, a complete disaster occurred: Donald Trump on the presidential seat. The environment is quite similar. American citizens have not the best opinion of Republicans, but the higher powers circles support them. Therefore, although Democrats blame Russians it is quite sure that the opposite party is, behind curtains, planning to win once again by manipulating and cheating, using Russians as an excuse. In brief for Democrats, more attacks more money.